From the beach Natalia Garibotto models her exuberant figure in a white bikini

This time the Brazilian decided to take some photos on the seashore.

Natalia Garibotto | @ nataagataa / instagram

BRAZIL – Yesterday Natalia Garibotto managed to leave her millions of followers on Instagram with their mouths open, after sharing 5 snapshots in a bathing suit.

On this occasion, the Brazilian decided to take some photos on the seashore. In the first image, Natalia appears from the front, while wearing a red hot white bikini.

Natalia 2
Natalia Garibotto

For the second photograph, the model poses lying down in the water, while she leans on her hands and makes us witness her surprising rearguard, wasting all her beauty.

Within the third photo, the influencer reappears standing up, but now closer, as she stretches her right arm, and with her hand touches her blonde hair.

Later, the socialite poses again from the seashore, but now on her knees, placing her hands near her bust, showing off all her sensuality.

Finally, Garibotto returns to her knees, allowing us to appreciate her sensational thighs, as she closes her eyes and slightly lifts her face.



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