Flor Peña said “good morning” to her followers from her bed and without clothes

The actress and host captivated her face washed and half wrapped in the sheets.

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Shocking, as each of her publications are usually, Flor Peña posted a photo that brushed against censorship. On this occasion, just woken up, she gave a postcard of her home sunrise.
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Flor PeñaFlor Peña Photo: Instagram @ / flor_de_p
In the image she is seen lying on the bed, her face washed, with her hair somewhat shaken and without clothes , barely covered with the sheets. “Good morning,” he wrote concisely below the image, from where he gave a big smile to his more than 5.5 million followers.

The played photos of Flor are a classic on her Instagram profile, where she also saves space for behind the camera of her program, commercial campaigns and, how could it be otherwise, a lot of humor.
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Flor PeñaFlor Peña Instagram
His family life is also usually part of the content he shares on the networks. Recently, in a small video, the imitation made by his little son Felipe was recorded. “How does mom do?” Asked Ramiro Ponce de León – Flor’s husband and ‘Pipe’ dad – to which the little boy replied, looking in the mirror: I’m here today, ‘”causing his father to laugh.
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Flor PeñaFlor Peña Instagram
It is worth mentioning that Flor continues to maintain an excellent audience during Telefé mornings with the magazine “Flor de equipo”, which managed to perfectly balance humor and information. This Tuesday, he received a visit from the couple composed of Nazarena Vélez and Santiago Caamaño, who starred in a hilarious interview.


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