Fabiola Guajardo’s wonderful black dress for Altaír Jarabo’s elegant wedding

Fabiola Guajardo’s wonderful black dress for Altaír Jarabo’s elegant wedding Instagram

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Mexico – A great wedding was held last weekend in Paris, that of the actress Altaír Jarabo and the businessman Frèdèric García, where the guests wore their outfits when they were in the capital of fashion, but there was one that was placed as the best dressed.

It is about the 34-year-old actress Fabiola Guajardo, who surprised everyone with a wonderful and elegant black dress with which she dethroned all the guests and made it clear that when it comes to fashion, she is an expert.

Without forgetting that she would visit the city of fashion, Fabiola chose a sensational model for her close friend’s wedding. It was a spectacular low-cut, sleeveless black dress with which she showed off a great figure.

Fabiola Guajardo’s wonderful black dress for Altaír Jarabo’s elegant wedding.

Like a whole doll, according to her followers, Guajardo showed off at Altaír Jarabo’s wedding, stealing everyone’s attention in this long garment with great detail on the back so as not to leave it so simple, while styling with the best look.

The choice of makeup, hairstyle, and accessories is essential when it comes to a good outfit and Fabiola Guajardo surprised everyone with the best of options; She used her hair tied up giving attention to her black hair with blonde tips, as well as light but elegant makeup and striking earrings with jeweled rings that adorned her hands.

Through her profile on Instagram, the actress shared a series of photos next to the happy couple on their wedding day and wished them the best of the best in this new stage, as she shares close ties with Jarabo.

Two great beauties got together at an important event in Paris and the comments about it did not wait. Everyone admired the beauty and elegance of Fabiola Guajardo when choosing the best for a gala event and of great importance like this famous wedding that has already turned the entire Internet upside down.

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