Exotic cowgirl. Marlene Favela dazzles with luxurious viper boots

Marlene Favela put on some too striking viper boots, because she caused a furor with the dazzling design with which she posed in the photo

marlene favela1 1 crop1625924922885.jpg 172596871
marlene favela1 1 crop1625924922885.jpg 172596871

Marlene Favela , 43, is once again the center of attention of her thousands of fans and it is that she captured glances when she put on some snake boots.

It was on her Instagram account, where the Mexican actress showed off her beautiful, too exotic viper boots.

For those who already know, fashion is what is left over for Marlene Favela, who loves to dress in cutting-edge clothes.

“Queen of queens, great companion and friend”, “What a beautiful princess I love you heart”, “Beautiful Princess as you always are”, they write to Marlene Favela.

Marlene Favela’s fame also increased thanks to La Desalmada where she plays Leticia Lagos.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

And it is that for years the public waited for the return of Marlene Favela to soap operas and she succeeded.

It is worth mentioning that the beautiful woman is worthy of admiration, since she is a mother and father at the same time as she dedicates herself entirely to her daughter.

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