Danna Paola leaves her followers drooling with this swimsuit

The Mexican left her followers on Instagram sighing.

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image 1 130

MEXICO.- Danna Paola once again leaves thousands of Internet users with a square eye, as she showed off her statuesque body.

The 26-year-old singer shared on Instagram some photos in which she is enjoying the beach, wearing a tiny orange bikini.

“Shuuuuper calm tequila and maaaaaaar [sic],” he wrote in the description of the post.

Danna Paola leaves her followers drooling with this swimsuit
In a short time, the post managed to get 1 million “likes” and received more than 3,900 comments from its passionate followers.

Danna Paola is a Mexican singer, actress, model, and songwriter. Since she was little she has participated in soap operas and series such as: “Rayito de luz”, “María Belén”, “Few, few fleas”, “Amy, the girl with the blue backpack”, “Pablo and Andrea”, “Dare to dream “,” La doña “,” Elite “, among others.

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