Daniella Chávez boasts a great body in 30 seconds on her trip to New York

The model Daniella Chávez showed off her body in 30 seconds on her trip to New York, through a video shared on her Instagram account


Daniella Chávez shows off her body in 30 seconds on her trip to New York.

Chilean model Daniella Chávez , who has left her country and currently lives in the glamorous city of Miami, Florida, showed off her body in a 30-second video that summarizes her recent trip to New York , which she made with her daughter Isadora whom she calls Sweetheart Isis.

During her stay, Daniella Chávez was sharing some anecdotes that she lived in Manhattan -the heart of New York- or in Central Park (Central Park), while she used her beauty to enamor those present and her virtual audience in her official account from Instagram.

In the clip, you can see the luxurious hotels where she settled, her journeys down Fifth Avenue in schoolgirl mode or disguised as Spider Woman (The Spider Woman), which made some turn to see her without being able to avoid it.

Also his bike ride on a rainy afternoon in the heart of New York, when he wore a nude outfit with which he made his fans think, imagining what they were not. And until the celebration of July 4, the date that the United States celebrates its Independence, so the blonde dressed in red to celebrate the national holiday with some friends.

Her helicopter trip with her daughter Isadora and some friends was also another of the experiences that the Chilean lived, so she got some comments: “Great and beautiful places (Top) I loved it! Hug Dani”, or the profile of the clothing firm where Daniella buys some dresses: “I really love it.”

On the other hand, there was someone who complimented what could be the most viewed model in Latin America on social networks: “The best way to show and not with clothes, perfect.” During her trip to New York, Daniella Chávez showed some special places while showing off her body.

That is why his more than 14.5 million followers have not stopped reacting to his intense publications in recent weeks. The clip, has 51,089 ‘I like it? and 635 messages can be read at the moment.

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