Curvy Zelma evades criticism about her body and wears a flirty swimsuit

The beautiful and talented Zelma Cherem shows her body without caring about criticism and receives hundreds of messages of support.

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Zelma Cherem announced on social networks that she has been criticized on many occasions for her overweight, however, she has used the comments of her haters to her advantage to send positive messages to her curvy lovers and learn to love their bodies.

The 29-year-old driver, known as Curvy Zelma, shared on her Instagram account a photo in which she is wearing a blue swimsuit, proudly showing off her body and curves, despite having been called “marranita”.

“For those people who are so disgusted by my body or my fat, I inform you that this is their problem! I do not understand or know who did so much damage to them but my body is not a popular domain, it is mine and I am a wonderful being, being a big woman does not make me less valuable or less beautiful! Since my beauty does not lie in that my beauty is much deeper. Stop giving your opinion on other people’s bodies, stop traumatizing people and stop with your gordofobia !. I love myself I accept myself I respect myself and I love every fallen centimeter, wrinkled, cellulite, with rolls, all of that is mine and I am deli and the best of the case I am a confident and hardworking woman, they would like to have a little of how much I surplus! Personality and respect for other people’s bodies, for example. If you are a person who is going through this bullying I hug you and none of what they say is true! Love yourself [sic] “, she wrote in the description of the post.

Curvy Zelma evades criticism about her body and wears a flirty swimsuit
The publication of the model managed to exceed 70 thousand “likes”, in addition to receiving more than 3,500 comments from her followers, who are very aware of what she does.

Zelma rose to fame by winning the reality show “This is my style” on Tv Azteca, from which she received 100,000 pesos, which she used to create her line of girdles.

She also had participated in the program “Survivor México”, and was the host of the morning program “Venga la Alegría”, both on Tv Azteca. She currently conducts the show “Arriba la Tarde”, alongside Alex Sirvent.

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