Chiquis Rivera takes off her clothes to promote her new song

The ex-partner of Lorenzo Méndez uploaded a snapshot showing his curves, with which he left more than one person in love.

Chiquis Rivera Takes Off Her Clothes To Promote Her New Song

UNITED STATES.- Chiquis Rivera turned on social networks this Thursday by sharing a photograph posing as God brought her into the world.

Through his Instagram profile, Lorenzo Méndez’s former partner uploaded a snapshot showing his curves, with which he left more than one person in love. 


According to the publication, this photograph was used to publicize his new song called “Pa ‘ti” .

I let my hair go for you, just for you … ”, wrote Chiquis Rivera, 36 years old.

In the image, Jenni Rivera’s daughter is seen sitting on the bed covering her charms with a pillow.

To achieve this photo, Chiquis styled her hair with waves and used heavy makeup, red lipstick, and various accessories. 


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