Bethany Lily April shows off her great charms in sensual lace underwear

In the first photograph, we can see Bethany wearing an open jacket.

Bethany Lily April | @ bethanylilyapril / instagram

LONDON – 2 days ago, Bethany Lily April managed to capture the attention of all her followers, after she shared 4 snapshots with a striking outfit.

In the first photograph, we can see Bethany wearing an open jacket, as well as a sensational set of lingerie, which perfectly highlights her enormous charms.

For the second image, the perspective is further away, and the model opens her jacket, even more, making us witnesses of her exuberant figure, causing a great sensation among her fans.

In the third photo, we can see the English woman from the front, while part of her blonde hair covers her face while allowing us to appreciate her spectacular legs.

Finally, the influencer appears in profile, walking down the sidewalk, and wearing her white jacket with boots of the same color. Inside the post, we can read a description that says “I’m just going to the store, do you want something?”

So far, April’s publication has managed to exceed 103 thousand likes and has thousands of comments from her followers, who never miss any of her photos.



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