9 Ways to Identify Internet Addicted People at a Glance

Especially in recent years, with the spread of technology in every area, the internet has become accessible to everyone. However, this situation brought some problems called “diseases of our age”. One of them is internet addiction. Especially the new generation is more likely to be addicted to the internet.

Drop The Phone Instead

Major changes in technology in the last decade have affected every aspect of our lives. These changes, which greatly facilitate our lives, changed the model of human relationships and affected the flow of daily habits. When we first wake up, maybe the first thing we do is to collect our bed or wash our face, and now we get into social media and look at the news or the people’s shares as soon as we wake up. The availability and spread of technology has enabled almost every product to become internet-based. Due to gaming habits on social media, many of us have not been able to breathe without the Internet. The adoption of the Internet so much has led to a so-called “disease of our age”; Internet addiction. In fact, we encounter internet addicted people during the day, and maybe even we are addicted to internet. So how do we understand this? We have written 11 ways for you to detect internet addicted people at a glance.

Internet addiction means that the person uses too much internet and suffers from lack of internet.

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Although the availability of the internet brings many advantages, unconscious internet use causes addiction.

This situation threatens especially young people. For this reason, he thinks big business about internet addiction. Parents need to be conscious of using the internet so that their children do not miss life

Internet addiction can be seen in all age groups, especially if it affects children. If the precaution is not taken, it affects the social life of the person. Prevents one’s main focus

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The person who is addicted to the internet can experience psychological problems, experience concentration problems and become introverted. To prevent this, professional help must be obtained.

One of the reasons for internet addiction today is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

This situation, which can be defined as “fear of missing something”, generally describes the situation that people are afraid of missing an incident on the internet or social media, and therefore they are constantly connected to the internet and depend on it.

However, instead of being afraid to miss something, we should enjoy it.

So how do we understand internet addiction that threatens many people? Here are the ways to identify those who are addicted to the internet at first glance;

1. When he wakes up in the morning and puts his hand on his phone as soon as he opens his eyes

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People with internet addiction often want to check their social media accounts first when they wake up in the morning. So the first thing they do when they wake up in the morning is; Putting their phones in their hands and getting on the internet is often to check their social media accounts. They find it difficult to start the day because they cannot break off the Internet and often they are late for school or work.

2. If you first see the image of the food on the phone’s screen when you go to eat

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Especially with the spread of social media applications, everything that was done, every place visited, even every meal eaten was shared on social media. If a friend you go to eat takes the photo of both the place and the food that comes in front of him instead of focusing on the moment, he may be an internet addict if the phone is ready to take a picture of the food.


3. If he constantly checks his phone instead of enjoying the movie in the cinema

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As you know, according to etiquette, the phone is not used in the cinema. Because it is a dark and quiet environment, the phone’s light and sound can disturb other audiences in the hall. However, someone who is addicted to the internet cannot stand without checking his phone even in the cinema. For this reason, he cannot focus on the film and actually misses life. Due to the time he spent on the phone, he cannot focus on his social life.

4. As soon as he enters a new location, he asks for the Wi-Fi password.

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People who are addicted to the internet may feel tense where there is no internet. For this reason, the first thing they do in a new place is to ask for the Wi-Fi password instead of finding an empty table. Rather than focusing on the main, they prefer to deal with a virtual world.

5. Feels uneasy when there is no internet or charging is done

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One of the biggest symptoms of internet addiction is the feeling of “withdrawal”. People who are addicted to internet suffer from a lack of internet when they do not. They feel tense and restless. In such cases, all they can think about is how they will provide internet access. Therefore, they cannot focus on the people who are with them and where they are at the moment.

6. If he spends a lot of time on the Internet, the phone is not falling from his hand, and therefore is missing life

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Internet addicts often spend the day at their computers. They can even eat their meals at the computer in order to stay away from the internet instead of joining and socializing. When they get up from the computer and go out, they don’t drop the phone instead of focusing on the moment. Their time on the Internet is almost more than half the day. This, in turn, may bring along both physical and mental problems.

7. Avoids to go to environments where the Internet does not exist or thinks it will not attract

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When making a plan with your friend, spouse or child, the first question he asks you about where to go is if there is internet access or not, this person may be addicted to the internet. People who are addicted to internet avoid going to environments where there is no internet access. Because they feel incomplete in a place where there is no internet. Therefore, nature trips and camping plans are not for them. They prefer to be at home rather than on a computer, rather than on such trips.

8. If he talks about what he sees on the internet instead of chatting with you and cannot focus on that moment

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Another way to find out if someone is addicted to the internet is to identify their interests. If the person in front of you is talking about the things he sees on the internet all the time, if anything other than the internet does not interest him, he is very likely to be an internet addict.

9. When he hears his phone with excitement when he hears the slightest notification sound or feels vibration

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Today, the easiest way to access the Internet is the phone. Therefore, we are connected to the internet through the phone while we are out. Since there are many phones in any environment, different sounds can be heard. However, if the person you think is addicted to the phone hears the slightest notification sound or feels vibration, it is not normal if he is looking for an excuse to enter the internet.



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