7 essential skills to change your life

To grow constantly we need to reinforce these skills all the time

We are always in an incessant search to create a future as we want. It is unlikely that we make those illusions a reality in their entirety, and you could even say that this is part of what gives life a flavour, knowing that we must always be in a constant struggle for our dreams.

But many times we leave behind the search for that life we want, and we give up. We work, not for achieving goals, but for a payment that keeps us in a comfort zone. We remember our illusions as games of children who did not know what they wanted and we even convince ourselves that what we do makes us happy.

We even believe that being happy for a particular time is right. But it is not enough to have happiness in life, we need to have a meaning. That is why it is essential that we develop crucial skills that serve to understand what we want, motivate us and guide us to achieve it.

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