For Women, Increasing The Number Of Friends Leads to More Sex

For Women, Increasing The Number Of Friends Leads To More Sex

A new study by the University of Oakland (USA) states that women who have a lot of male friends have more sex with their boyfriends compared to women who have many friends. The paper has been published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology.

The researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing the partner relationships of 393 men with an average of 3 years of relationship. Participants completed a questionnaire on the attractiveness of their partner, their friends, how attractive they find their girlfriend or friends or the number of times they had sex in the last week.

The results showed that the more friends the woman had and the more the man believed that the others were attracted to her, the more sex she had had with her partner. These friends or co-workers were also seen as sexual rivals and increased the likelihood of possible infidelity, according to the men. Thus the fact of being surrounded by sexual rivals causes in men more frequency in sexual relations with their corresponding partners.

Male sperm is very competitive and this also moves to the real world as a psychological desire to fight against other men (as is the case with sperm) in order to be the first. This competitive impulse is the one that would explain why to contemplate pornography with two men and a woman is usually not to the liking of the men: because they see the others as close sexual rivals, although they are neither rivals nor they are near. The body of man makes his competitive impulse jump and produces as much sperm as possible.

“This is human nature.We need to be reminded that our partner is valuable to us and desirable to others.This makes us continue to work on maintaining the satisfaction of the relationship.Finding that right balance of inducing jealousy in the Couple will optimize the sex life of the same, “says study leader Michael Pham.


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