Watch out! Seawater can damage your hair and these are the 5 reasons

Watch Out! Seawater Can Damage Your Hair And These Are The 5 Reasons
Watch out! Seawater can damage your hair and these are the 5 reasons

Without doubt this is the season in which visiting the beach becomes one of your favorite activities, nothing more appropriate for this Holy Week. But, has it happened to you that when you get out of the water you feel your hair heavy or with a different texture? There are several reasons .

Going to the beach is not in itself a matter of risk to your hair, but there are reasons why seawater damages your hair and these are in its composition. We tell you some of them.

High pH: Normal and dry hair does not feel good at high pH -7 or 8, (approximately) that is composed of seawater as it reduces brightness, consistency and elasticity.

Salt: This constitutes 80% of the seawater; acts as tiny fiery crystals, which concentrate and magnify the sun’s rays on your hair causing the damage. Therefore if you continue to expose yourself to the sun, rinse your hair very well with fresh water.

Chlorine: Although in smaller amount than you can find in a pool, seawater also contains this substance, which is linked to the hair follicle by removing the natural oils that protect and nourish it.

Pollution: As you know, the water of the seas in our country is very contaminated by the different toxic waste of companies or by the same people who go to the beaches. It is precisely those remains that remain in your hair, altering the keratin and degrading its melanin.

Sand: Although it is not such a component of seawater, it is part of what remains as waste in your hair. The moment you unravel or manipulate it you can cause it to break as the weight of the sand is accumulated in it.

all you have to do is prevent, apply a conditioner or oil to help protect it before entering seawater, you can use a swimming cap or braid it to prevent waves or sand from breaking it, we also recommend applying masks that help you to return to your healthy state, the natural ones made with banana and honey, avocado, aloe vera work perfect to return the hydration.


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