Why is mesotherapy effective?

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Hair Mesotherapy
Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an aesthetic technique invented by the French doctor Michel Pistor in the 1950s. Since then, millions of specialists have trusted it for its level of effectiveness, which, unlike other techniques, does not require surgery and is a lot less invasive.

What is mesotherapy?

Diet and exercise are the foundations for a good physique, but sometimes we need extra help to eliminate that localized fat so difficult to eliminate. Mesotherapy is a method by which pharmaceutical and homeopathic medicines, as well as plant extracts and vitamins, are injected under our skin. These substances do nothing more than locate body fat and act on it in multiple ways. Thus, thanks to mesotherapy we will achieve:

  • Immobilize and dissolve fats.
  • Encourage the production of collagen, which means a notable improvement in the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Stimulate cell activity and circulation.

In what parts of my body can I use it?

Although Mesotherapy is a technique that can be applied in various areas of the body (arms, ankles, abdomen …), in most cases the holsters and legs are the parts of the body where it is most used, especially to combat the excess volume, cellulite, and stretch marks.

Therefore, depending on the area of the body and the effect we are looking for, the specialist will advise us on which substance is appropriate for our case. It will not be the same that we want to eliminate localized fat in the arms than to stretch the skin of the abdomen. Thus, we must bear in mind that the most used products for these microinjections are:

  • L-Carnitine: locates and immobilizes fats to eliminate them through urine.
  • Artichoke extract: fights fluid retention and also stretch marks.
  • Blasto-stimuli: it is good for cell regeneration and is often used to remove scars or make stretch marks disappear.
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE): used to fill in wrinkles and achieve greater firmness.
  • Homeopathy: they have several uses.

With all this, we should not understand that mesotherapy is only a weight-loss method but rather a treatment that will favor the elimination of lipids in our body, and also the better appearance of our skin thanks to the multiple nutrients that are introduced through the micro-leaks.

What other uses does mesotherapy have?

In addition to using it as a reducing treatment, mesotherapy has many more uses such as the prevention of the signs that appear with aging, since it will provide us with extra hydration in the skin, as well as a greater luminosity in the skin and will increase the regeneration in those areas where it is applied.

One of the latest innovations in hair mesotherapy is a treatment by which enzymes, vitamins, and regenerative products are applied to the scalp to promote the growth of hair follicles, in addition to increasing the strength and regeneration of those cases in which there is loss of it, it is a good alternative to hair grafts.

On the other hand, it helps to correct those hormonal changes in the hair follicles by activating blood circulation in that same area, with what we can consider being deep nutrition for our hair.

Virtual or needle-free mesotherapy

The virtual mesotherapy technique does not make use of the introduction of needles as in traditional mesotherapy, what it does is to drive a low-frequency electric current into the skin, making the pores dilate at that moment, with which the principles Active ingredients that are used in the treatment, access through the epidermis so that they are absorbed more quickly by our body. Like traditional mesotherapy, it is used to eliminate localized fat as well as cellulite that appears in our body, toning those areas where it is applied and eliminating stretch marks and scars as well as erasing the aging marks.

This technique is used with those people who do not tolerate the use of needles, which means that in this type of treatment they have a completely painless and non-invasive solution.

Is there any kind of side effect?

The process is practically painless since very fine needles are used that are inserted a few millimeters from the epidermis. In addition, most side effects are avoided since it is considered a minimally invasive process that hardly causes bruising and redness, as happens with other more aggressive techniques. Although the infiltrations are very superficial, when they are administered correctly, they manage to reach subcutaneous layers and achieve a much more effective effect, both on the skin and localized fats.

In addition, for a mesotherapy treatment to be completely effective we have to take into account both the place where it is applied as well as the quality of the products used. Even so, our specialist will tell us if we need to prepare our skin for treatment with cream, or even avoid taking medications such as ibuprofen or anticoagulants since by making the blood more fluid, bruises may appear.

In exceptional cases, we should check with our specialist that we are not allergic to any of the components to avoid health problems when applying our mesotherapy treatment, consequences that we will avoid if we go to a center fully accredited and certified by the health authorities in where they will advise us on the treatment and tolerance with the products that will be applied to us.

How long does a mesotherapy treatment last and what does it cost?

Each session lasts about 10 minutes and the results are noticeable from the first time. As an approximate cost, we can say that a session costs about 70/80 euros, but there are usually offers and promotions that offer packs of 10 sessions (which is considered a complete treatment) for less than 500 euros.

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