The fashion of invisible orthodontics is here

invisible orthodontics
invisible orthodontics

Gone are those unsightly orthodontics formed by metal brackets that for many have been a somewhat traumatic memory, both due to the negative aesthetic effect it caused on the person, and because of the discomfort generated by its placement and its subsequent use, which may even cause painful wounds. .

New techniques have evolved and with it the field of dental advances, such as orthodontics. This is how invisible orthodontics have emerged , with an invaluable aesthetic effect, since they are barely perceptible and provide highly aesthetic results.

This type of orthodontics is suitable for anyone except for children who are still in full growth and dental alignment.

invisible orthodontics

To place this type of orthodontics, the dentist will first make a study of the initial placement of the teeth, after which he will proceed to the design of 2 aligners that will change as the teeth are repositioned.

These aligners are removable and the only thing to keep in mind is that you cannot eat or drink with them and they must always be kept clean. The invisible orthodontics is painless and does not cause any discomfort for the person who wears it, except the discomfort of the necessary pressure that must be exerted on the teeth so that they align correctly. Pressure that will disappear as the teeth change position.

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These aligners must be worn for a minimum of one year, always depending on the original deviation of the teeth.

Although it is a highly recommended treatment, due to the aesthetic results it already has and the comfort and ease of use that characterize it, it is still a fairly expensive option and is currently not available to all budgets. The approximate price of this treatment including the different aligners that change throughout the year, as well as the control consultations including the initial study to the dentist, will be around 6000 euros .

A very high price to have a beautiful smile, but in a short time it is obtaining a high demand from those people who do not put a price on beauty and well-being.

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