Spots on the skin: The laser that eliminates and rejuvenates them at the same time

laser treatment women 1200x628 facebook 1200x628 1
laser treatment women 1200x628 facebook 1200x628 1

Melasmas, solar lentigines or pigmented lesions are some that usually appear on the face, décolleté and hands . These accentuate the perception of skin aging , or cause premature aging .

PicoSure® is the world’s first Picosecond Dermo-Aesthetic laser , recognized as the world’s review for removing pigmented spots and lesions.

Its ultrashort pulses in trillionths of a second, allow it to act characteristically through a photomechanical effect instead of the photothermal effect (used by traditional lasers), that is, it acts selectively on its melanin and fragments it into tiny particles, instead of heating it.

This favors the patient, since fewer sessions are carried out , total respect for the surrounding skin and the use of fewer amounts of energy . Treats all skin phototypes and, thanks to its extraordinary selectivity, you also get more lightening . PressureWave® technology further enhances and reinforces this coveted mechanism of action.

PicoSure® allows, at the same time, to carry out skin rejuvenation treatments (facial, décolleté and hands) through an optical system that fragments and magnifies the emission up to 20 times, and without suffering any type of discomfort or convalescence. The side effects that in other systems lasted days or weeks, with PicoSure® last from 1 to 2 hours and, therefore, allow treatments of notable intensity without discomfort, favoring immediate reincorporation to daily tasks.

The different parameters of the treatment allow to carry out from a skin revitalization of a greater or lesser degree, to a treatment of acne scars.

In addition, Picosure® removes unwanted tattoos in just a few sessions. Whatever color they are, including residual and recalcitrant . It breaks down the ink into tiny molecules, which are absorbed by natural processes in the body.

In short, with PicoSure® a new era in the field of laser treatments begins, characterized by maximum efficiency and minimal inconvenience for the patient. With only 4 teams in Spain at the moment, this latest technological innovation is by its own merits the “gold standard” of medical-aesthetic lasers today and in the near future.

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