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The hair implant is robotized thanks to the innovative Artas ™ System.

The Artas ™ robot allows to perform a hair transplant in patients with alopecia in an automated and precise way. The Institute of Aesthetic Surgery already has this innovative system.

The second generation of this robot improves extraction, optimizes grafted hair growth results and offers a comfortable experience for the patient. 89% of men and 16% of Spanish women are prone to developing androgenetic alopecia .

 Hair Transplant:

The latest generation Artas ™ robotic system has already been installed in the Campo Grande hospital. The Artas ™ robot uses a pioneering and innovative method that allows to treat alopecia quickly and accurately, reducing surgery and recovery time, eliminating the unnecessary invasive interventions of old working methods and minimizing scar sequelae. The robot-controlled system does not replace the surgeon, but it does improve the precision of the process.

Around the world, about 300,000 hair transplants are performed annually, of which about 5,000 are performed in Spain. The most frequent indication for this treatment is androgenetic (or hereditary) alopecia.

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Hair transplantation is the only effective solution to recover hair.

Until now, the manual technique was the only transplantation method, a much slower procedure than the robotic Artas ™ system and with inferior results. This is thanks to a “smart” and minimally invasive imaging procedure and precision robotics.

Artas ™, the hair implant robot, is now in its second generation and is the result of research by American engineers who came from the design of robots for production lines of series vehicles. Its advances now allow the preview of the final result, faster extraction of the FUs (follicular units) in the donor area, the exclusive selection of bulbs with two or more follicles and the making of precise incisions in the alopecic area. This “anti-baldness” robot already represents the automation of hair transplants.

Hair Transplant

The Institute of Aesthetic Surgery, located at the Recoletas Campo Grande Hospital in Valladolid, will be the first and only center in Castilla y León to have this advance. The sixth installed in all of Spain. The union of robotic technology and expert surgeons such as  offers a better experience for the patient and reliable results, with an estimated 92% survival of transplanted FUs (follicular units) compared to 70 to 80% of manual technique.

The advantages of the hair implant with Artas ™

The Artas ™ hair implant is based on transplanting the surplus follicular units from areas where there is no tendency to fall (nape and temples) to areas with hair deficiency. It is an outpatient procedure, performed under local anesthesia and lasts between 4 to 8 hours.

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The Artas ™ System scans and digitizes a donor surface of the scalp to identify and determine the density of follicular units. Under optional criteria, with the arm

robotic, selectively extracts existing surplus. The needle system is maneuvering to carve small fragments that contain a follicular unit. Gently suction lifts the dissected graft so that the surgeon can remove it.

At the Aesthetic Surgery Institute of Recoletas Campo Grande Hospital “we use the most modern capillary implant technique, the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction), assisted by the Artas ™ robotic system.” Its main advantage is to extract the follicular units from the donor area in a single session, with more precision, with minimal aggression (without stitches), and therefore without relevant scar sequelae “, he analyzes.

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“In addition, the Artas ™ System allows to extract a greater number of follicular units per hour and in better conditions to be grafted. A trained surgeon can extract around 250 follicular units per hour, the robot is capable of obtaining 1,000 in the same time “, he comments. Thus, in a single session, up to 4000 follicular units (10,000 hairs) can be transplanted. Its intelligent robotic process using 3D images allows micron precision, reduced treatment time, from 12 to 6 hours, faster recovery and more natural results without scars in the donor area.

With the Artas ™ robot we reduce the time used in extraction, which is vital so that the hair follicles are in the best biological position to successfully complete the subsequent graft. With Artas ™ 92% of the follicles turn on forever, naturally and undetectable.

Lastly, the Artas ™ procedure involves less postoperative discomfort and a faster recovery. Before, the discomfort in the donor area lasted between 6 and 9 months, now 3 or 4 days.

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Institute of Aesthetic Surgery

The Institute of Aesthetic Surgery is located at the Recoletas Campo Grande Hospital in Valladolid, a reference center in plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery and aesthetic medical treatments.

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