Orthodontic: 4 Best Treatment Options for Orthodontic Patients

Orthodontic 4 Best Treatment Options for Orthodontic Patients

A beautiful smile is the best business card we can have, but it is quite common that teeth grow crooked, do not fit well, or even move over time when new pieces appear, such as wisdom teeth. The best way to solve this problem is to resort to orthodontics.

Until a few years ago, orthodontics was a children’s thing, but more and more adults are encouraged to solve those bad tooth alignment that was not corrected at the time.

The increased demand for these types of services has led to much research in the field of orthodontics. This is why new methods have been appearing that seek to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time, be minimally annoying, and are also more aesthetic than the old orthodontic appliances were.

There are so many different orthodontic options that each person can choose the one that best suits their tastes, needs, and also their pocket.

Conventional braces

It is the most used type of concealer today. The brackets are made of steel and, through rubber bands, they are fixed to the metal wire of the tooth, allowing it to exert the necessary force to place the teeth in place.

This system has become more aesthetic with the passage of time and, today, it is possible to find both the brackets and the gummies in different colors, which makes their use more attractive for children and adolescents.

There is a version of mini metal brackets that can be up to 40% smaller than traditional ones and achieve the same results. They are more aesthetic and the gingival resistance is lower, making their use more comfortable.

Depending on the needs of the patient, the brackets can also be self-ligating, which means forgetting about having to be aware of the gummies. This makes them more comfortable and the treatment is slightly shorter.

For those who care about aesthetics, we have to say that new versions of the usual brackets have also appeared, but in gold and even transparent.

Lingual braces

Traditional orthodontics are placed on the outside of the tooth so that it is always visible no matter how discreet the brackets are. Those looking for a somewhat more aesthetic solution can opt for lingual brackets, which are placed on the inside of the tooth and, therefore, go much less noticeable.

It is an advanced technique that requires a dentist with specific training in this matter. If the device is well made, made to measure, and correctly positioned, once the mouth gets used to its presence, there will be no rubbing or discomfort when speaking.


Invisalign orthodontics has been one of the latest revolutions in the industry. It is a removable system that replaces the brackets with plastic splints that change as the treatment progresses.

For it to give good results, the patient must wear the splint during the hours indicated by the dentist. If you do not do it, the following splints will not fit properly and therefore will have to be done again, which implies a new expense.

Ceramic and sapphire

Ceramic and sapphire braces have become very popular, especially with adults who want to align all of their teeth. Transparent ceramic has the advantage of being very discreet, so they are less visible than traditional braces. Its drawback is that ceramic can discolor over time and create a “dirty tooth” effect, which is why it requires continuous attention. This last problem is avoided with sapphire brackets, which blend perfectly with the color of the tooth, making them go very unnoticed. Sapphire is not easily dirty or colored when drinking coffee, smoking, or eating food with dyes. Of course, it is one of the materials that produce the least scratches. What type of orthodontics to choose? All the orthodontics that we have mentioned give good results. Before choosing one model or another, you should discuss this issue carefully with the dentist. The specialist is the one who can best advise in each specific case. The decision can be greatly influenced by the price of the treatment and the visibility of the orthodontics, but we must not forget other important factors, such as its duration or the comfort of the same. In the case of children, it is best to choose a system that is as simple as possible for them. Hence, the favorites, in this case, are self-ligating brackets, so that the little ones do not have to worry about their teeth beyond carrying out correct daily hygiene.

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