Micropigmentation, the solution for lips, eyebrows, eyes and areolas


We live in the century of the image. We no longer have to settle for our small asymmetries or defects. Latest advances in medicine and aesthetics, achieve that image that we have always wanted to see when we look in the mirror. Technique that, properly applied, achieves excellent results, discreet and elegant, suitable for all ages, situations and sex.

What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic specialty whose objective is to correct, modify, beautify and semi-permanently balance certain facial features (lips, eyebrows, eyelids …) or body (scalp, breast areolas …) through the implantation of pigments at the epidermal level .

Since it is a treatment in which pigments are introduced into the skin, there are laws that regulate everything related to Micropigmentation at all levels, from European institutions, to regional and municipal institutions.

Where does it apply?

  • Lips: they are the most sensual point of our face. Highlighting its appeal is the task of Micropigmentation. Embellishment, perfection, harmony, optical volume, fix imperfections, outline the silhouette, modify your drawing. Thick and sensual lips, it has increased its demand, but we must not forget that in addition to aesthetics, Micropigmentation can correct imperfections and improve the appearance of lips such as peribucal wrinkles, which can be made up without danger of carmine being channeled into them . All with natural results and soft tones that are the most requested.
  • Eyebrows : The eyebrows are the aesthetic element that determines the expressiveness and balance of the face. Indispensable at any age to correct asymmetries or imperfections. For those who need makeup daily for alopecia, the Micropigmentation technique is a necessity. Between 45 and 65 years old, the “lifting effects” are used when reshaping the “optical structure” of the eyelids by redesigning the shape of the eyebrows. This technique is done with hair and natural tones that harmonize with the hair, eyes and skin type.
  • Eyeliner : Naturalness must be above any premise. The goal is to optically increase the volume of your eyelashes and raise the eye. We can also create special effects bicolor, tricolor, points of light and pearly effects.
  • Reconstruction of areolas: Micropigmentation not only serves to balance the face or beautify features. With Micropigmentation we can help you see and feel even better. We can hide a scar in the areola or reconstruct a complete areola.
  • Small semi-permanent tattoos: With Micropigmentation we can make small tattoos semi-permanently, for those people who want a fantasy detail but that does not last a lifetime.

What are the reasons?

Over the past 20 years, women around the world tell how Micropigmentation has improved their lives and why they would recommend this treatment to others:

  • It does not imply a radical change in appearance, just correct what you need.
  • They will see you at all times with a careful and distinguished look.
  • Rejuvenates, visually reaffirming eyelids and lips with the Lifting effect.
  • You will be ready for every occasion or party in a moment. They will never catch you off guard.
  • Subtlety and discretion are essential in your new appearance. Slight “touches” in the right places are enough for a big change.
  • Micropigmentation does not enslave, with a slight touch up every two years is enough.
  • Offering an impeccable image in your work will help you be valued more.
  • Its effect is immediate, you don’t have to wait to see the result.
  • You will be natural, elegant and without artifice.
  • Because the harmony of your face will be your great secret.
  • Because having your “guide design” makeup will be very simple, comfortable and fast.
  • Because when you play sports you will always be impeccable.


Before having a Micropigmentation, request a design test for half of your face.

Through this makeup test on lips, eyebrows or eyelids you will check the naturalness, elegance and discretion of the results.

We will study the design that best suits your face, your needs and your tastes, and we will advise you on the most appropriate shades in balance with your color harmony.

What do you think?

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