Hair Transplantation Is Not Enough

hair transplantation
hair transplantation

Autologous transplantation is not the definitive answer to all hair loss problems. We interviewed, a Milan clinic specializing in the treatment of problems related to baldness, to discover the main differences between hair transplantation techniques and the benefits of regenerative medicine to prevent, improve or avoid autotransplantation.

What are the most effective techniques for hair transplantation? What does it consist on?

There are two basic techniques of autotransplantation and, in my opinion, the most effective is the variant of the monobulbar autotransplantation or FUE , which consists in the extraction of the hair follicles from the scalp of the part that does not suffer from baldness, usually the back. of the head, then these follicles are placed on the forehead.

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The other technique, called STRIP or FUSS , is used by about 90% of plastic surgeons. It consists of an incision in the occipital scalp and the extraction of a piece of skin to then put it on the bald scalp. The part from which the scalp strip is removed is then sewn up.

Even so, the monobulbar transplant offers a more natural result and also prevents the loss of a considerable part of the grafts that are produced by the scalpel and that cause unsightly scars.

Can the results of the surgery be considered definitive? Are other interventions needed?

Hair Transplant

Hair pulled from the back of the head is genetically destined to survive, so it can usually take root easily and continue to live. The fact that the transplant is more or less definitive depends on the stage of evolution of the baldness .

That is, if the patient is in a stable situation, that part of his scalp is still alive and active without particular variations, the result of the monobulbar autotransplantation can be considered definitive.

On the other hand, when the baldness continues to evolve and the patient decides to undergo a transplant, it is very likely that he will have to repeat the intervention with other grafts to cover the areas that have lost hair over time. In short: who gets a transplant when they are young will most likely have to repeat the operation because the baldness has not stopped yet.

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What are the limits of autotransplantation?

In the first place, the bulbs that are extracted do not reproduce in the area where they originated, so if a patient has a very advanced baldness , an unlimited number of bulbs cannot be taken . In these cases, the right balance must be found between the extracted and transplanted follicles. For this reason, sometimes the result of the surgery is not very beneficial, since it does not allow a repopulation that gives a natural result and if the extraction is exceeded we can create baldness where there was none.

Second, as mentioned before, if the hair loss process is not stopped, it will be necessary to repeat the operation over the years to avoid an uneven effect. For these reasons, transplantation is not enough and must be accompanied or preceded by regenerative medicine techniques that allow to reactivate dormant hair follicles, strengthen existing hair and regrow hair.

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In which cases the transplant cannot or should not be carried out?

It should not be performed in a young patient whose baldness is still evolving. For example, a twenty-year-old boy should not have an autologous transplant. The minimum age should be around 30 or 35 years old. The evaluation of each case is obviously individual. Transplantation should not be performed either when the amount of hair to be removed is already limited and, therefore, you have a less consistent base of bulbs to extract.

What complementary techniques can be used to optimize results? What are the alternatives?

hair Transplantation

To fight baldness and optimize the results of autologous transplantation, and sometimes to avoid it, a regenerative medicine protocol called bSBS, Synergistic Bulbar Biostimulation, must be applied , which involves the injection of three groups of substances:

  • Anti-inflammatory substances

Bulbs that have stopped producing hair generally suffer from a subcutaneous infection, which acts at the base of the bulb and results from the action of prostaglandin D2. They are caused by multiple factors that can be genetic, hormonal, stress, etc. So it is necessary to calm this chronic inflammation with anti-inflammatory substances.

  • Revascularizing Agents and Nutrients

The injection of molecules helps to stimulate circulation and transmit the necessary nutrients in the areas affected by baldness.

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  • Autologous cells, capable of reactivating follicle cells

It involves the injection of young platelets and CD34 + extracted from the patient’s blood, a process used thanks to the HCRP technique that allows the extraction of only the youngest platelets and stem cells. The HCRP technique is more effective than PRP, a technique that allows simply to extract platelet-rich plasma without differentiating between younger (and therefore better) and older platelets, therefore, it is less useful.

Young stem cell platelets help follicle cells to regenerate and grow hair. The combined action of these three groups of substances to reactivate dormant hair follicles strengthens existing hair and gives strength and vigor to those that are growing back.

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Many young people are turning to to find out how to stop hair loss, what should they do?

Regenerative stem cell therapy should be started immediately, which includes a hormonal, lipidomic and genetic test that allows the DNA genes related to baldness to be analyzed. In this way, the best solutions will be found to combat baldness and stabilize the results over time.

What do you think?

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