Cavitation in Benestar

Cavitation in Benestar scaled
Cavitation in Benestar scaled

The method

The cavitation waves create in the interstitial fluid a large number of micro-bubbles that are expanding. This expansion culminates in the implosion of the bubbles. This implosion generates shock waves that destroy fat cells. With this, we manage to transform fat into a liquid substance that we will eliminate naturally through the lymphatic system.

Indicated to treat cellulite and very localized fat in localized areas.

Benefits: Elimination of adipocytes (fat accumulation) improving skin texture and reducing the volume of the treated area.

Essential: drink 2 liters of water a day and a low-fat diet.

Drain the treated area by massage or pressotherapy.

To burn the fat that we have liquefied with the treatment, it is advisable to exercise the same day or the next day. If we do not practice it, we will change the routine to promote fat burning.

The sessions usually range between 6 and 8 sessions although it will depend on the area treated, the patient’s problem, and the objectives desired by him. The ideal is to do 1 session a week, although it can be done with a minimum interval of 3 days between sessions.

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