Aesthetic Veneers

Leena Wadia
Leena Wadia
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How To Achieve A More Aesthetic Smile Contouring And Reshaping Teeth 1084X480 1
how to achieve a more aesthetic smile contouring and reshaping teeth 1084x480 1

Aesthetic veneers are made for cases of change of shape, position and size of the teeth, it is an aesthetic dental treatment, in the market we find several materials, among them:

Ceramic composite

  • Advantages: they are placed at the moment in a single appointment, they do not need great wear on your tooth and you choose the color you want.
  • Disadvantages: over time the color of the veneers can change due to pigmented foods, coffee, tobacco, etc.
  • Aesthetic Veneers


We find some varieties in porcelain, different brands, the best are the luminners, since they are highly aesthetic, conservative since they do not need great dental wear. It does not change the color. From our point of view, the best.


  • we need time to make them, we measure and send you to the laboratory, while you will need temporary veneers until the final veneers are finished, approximately 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Care: It is important to avoid foods that can detach the veneers, keep in mind that they can detach, if you are a bruxist (you press your teeth a lot) you will need a relaxation splint, as well as some care that you must take when cutting very hard foods.

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