Top 8 Fitness Trends to Expect in 2019

Viral on Instagram Sister of Yanet Garcia publishes photo in the style of the Climate Girl
Viral on Instagram Sister of Yanet Garcia publishes photo in the style of the Climate Girl

The year starts and many consider eating well while exercising. But with the passage of the months the old and bad habits are retaken. Some people approach the problem too aggressively – with excessively restrictive diets or physical exercise routines they can not maintain – and soon abandon their efforts. Leading a healthy lifestyle is more than just choosing the right foods: it’s also about complementing those choices with more physical activity

Here are 8 tips to put into practice without throwing the towel in the attempt:

Discard the office chair:

Research continues to demonstrate the care that should be taken by sitting for many hours a day. Just because you work in an office environment does not mean you can not stay active. Adding more activity to your day can be as simple as standing in front of your desk when you talk on the phone, having meetings walking or even using the stairs instead of the elevator.

Take a walk during lunch:

To avoid a fall of energy in the afternoon and be able to concentrate, take a walk during the lunch hour. A recent study, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, showed that walks during lunchtime can lift people’s spirits and ability to control job stress. If you combine your walk with a meal replacement shake, such as Herbalife Protein Nutritional Shake, you have a practical meal while doing some physical activity.

Eat in a more conscious way:

Eating in a conscious way means paying attention to the foods you choose to provide your body with the right energy. Establish regular eating habits and follow some simple rules for a healthier diet: incorporate many vegetables and whole fruits in meals and snacks, limit the intake of fats and sweets, make sure you feed your muscles with protein and drink plenty of water.

Consider challenges:

Sign up for races like 5K, 6K, runs with obstacle courses and triathlons to test your body.

In 2016, the technological fitness industry reached new levels and proved to be a very practical solution for many people. Now it’s easier than ever to do physical exercise with a fitness star in a foreign country from the comfort of your home or use a fitness application or physical exercise to guide you. Thanks to the live broadcasts on the Internet, prepare to travel, without a passport, to a fitness class.

Keep the balance:

The focus of fitness is focused more and more on general well-being and not only on a fitness program ‘with quick solutions’. And the same applies to the diet. This year you will see more balanced routines that include the simple and proven old-school physical exercise, complemented by a healthy diet based on balanced nutrition to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Explore more mergers:

We will continue to see the focus on functional training with your own weight that can be done anywhere. We believe that more classes and programs will be developed with ‘fusion of styles’ that include elements of various fitness programs, such as yoga with resistance, pilates and yoga, cardio with resistance, etc. In 2016, “Piloxing”, a combination of Pilates and boxing, was a great success because it made an integral fusion of activities and prevented people from getting bored. This was a combo year of 2 formats … we will see if in 2017 the fusion of 3 and 4 styles materializes.

Fast and effective:

This year, science demonstrated the effectiveness of an intense and brief session, and more and more people will leave aside the one-hour exercise sessions and adopt shorter routines. We will see new HIIT exercises (High Intensity Interval Training – High Intensity Interval Training Session) that combine moments of rest and recovery.

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