Zendaya reveals how scared she was to shoot this episode of Euphoria: I was horrified

Zendaya has recalled in an interview what it was like to get into the role of Rue again in season 2 of Euphoria, especially mentioning episode 5 that she was scared to shoot.

zendaya 1
zendaya 1

Season 2 of ‘Euphoria was highly anticipated by fans of the series who waited for its premiere for 3 years, due to the break caused by the pandemic. A few months have passed since its last episode was released, but some moments are still highly commented on.

Now it has been Zendaya, one of the stars of the series, who has recounted what moment was especially hard for her. In an interview with Andrew Garfield, her filming partner in ‘Spiderman: No Way Home‘, the actress has specially referred to episode 5.

In that episode, which kicks off the second half of the season, Rue confronts her drug addiction again by lying to her mother and sister. She finally leaves her house when she is discovered, after Elliot and Jules talk to her family about her. Her mother tries to take her to rehab, but she runs away from her, trying to find drugs wherever she goes and putting her life at risk.

In a meeting organized by Variety, Andrew Garfield asks her specifically about that sequence, and about what it was like to get into the character in such difficult moments for Rue: “It is difficult to specify that there is any specific process for it. For me, playing Rue ” It’s a privilege, from my experience. I’ve had the luxury of stepping into his shoes for a while. And I feel very close to Sam Levinson because Rue is based so much on his experience as a teenager.”

“Rue has become an amalgamation of my experiences, her experiences, and our collective pain, seen through the eyes of a drug addict,” the ‘Dune’ actress said.

“I think the goal was to show her as human as possible, without feeling ashamed at the same time about the devastation and ugliness that precisely a human can reach. I was very scared to shoot that episode. It was written before the pandemic, and I was horrified to film it “, Zendaya has confessed about her character.


She also says that many people asked her if she was okay after the episode premiered, and how her portrayal of the character affects her: ” I’m very protective of Rue. And therefore, with all the people she represents And I know a lot of times the world isn’t as nice to those people as I am, and that’s hard for me, you know?”

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Written by Rachita Salian


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