You want Wanda Nara’s office to appear like this: learn to put it on

Wanda Nara
Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara inspires us with this conservative but incredibly elegant office look: master her fashion techniques! Wanda Nara (36) embraces the grey tone, the season’s colour, to create an extremely trendy, unique, elegant, and modern office style. We tell you everything he considered so you can duplicate it with your own spin.

Wanda Nara: dressed as a businesswoman to seem gorgeous at the office. Gray is elegant, smart, and fashionable. It is the trendiest tone this season because it is flexible and easy to blend with everything.


Wanda Nara's demands for Mauro Icardi to join Galatasaray include personal chef - Daily Star


As a result, the Argentine star in her role as a businesswoman displayed it on her networks in an extremely combined manner: we examined it! Wanda Nara nde adds sensuality to this Yves Saint Laurent ensemble with straight, loose, high-waisted trousers that match an enormous double-breasted blazer.

The final item is crucial: a cropped top by Celine, a French premium brand. The navy blue horizontally striped cream top coordinates with the fishmouth heeled platforms, which slim her down and make her appear extremely tall and exquisite.


SportMob – Facts about Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi's gorgeous wife


The open torso, hile not quite visible, lends a relaxed air to the formal ensemble. The accessories are also important: wide hoops instead of little earrings and a matching bracelet in white gold, both young and attractive!

To reproduce this look for work, simply pair high-waisted formal pants with a jacket in the same tone. You can also experiment with wearing the top in the same tone as the pants and a blazer in a different colour.


SportMob – Facts about Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi's gorgeous wife


To boost the sophistication of the look, the cropped top should contrast yet remain in neutral tones. Experiment with details like Wanda Nara’s red manicure or eye-catching rings to add a trend to your look.

Also, keep in mind! All of the information on Geekybar is provided solely for inspiration purposes. The most important thing is that you always wear what makes you feel comfortable.

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