Yailin the most viral reappears with another man for an important and viral reason


The former partner of Anuel AA shares a video that has caused a stir because it appears quite close to an interpreter, but this has to do with his next musical release


The one who is reactivating her work and creating a stir is the Dominican interpreter and creator of content for social networks nicknamed Yailín the most viral . The ex-partner and wife of the Puerto Rican singer Anuel recently revealed her maternity debut, however she is ready to release new music .


Yailin ´la más viral´ desaparece de Instagram: Estas podrían ser algunas de  las razones


After releasing the first images of her labor, Yailín has remained a little more active on her social profiles with some unrevealing videos of her daughter (to keep her identity private), and some more that have to do with she herself. In this sense it is where the Dominican surprised by being quite close singing along with another interpreter .


There are those who believed that his publication would have to do with a new love in the life of Anuel’s ex, while his fans quickly realized that it is about promoting what will be his next musical single. In this brief preview, the singer appears sharing the first lines of the song that is coming .


Yailín La Más Viral, lipoescultura: la operación que se hará para casarse  con Anuel AA | Celebs de República Dominicana | nnda nnlt | FAMA | MAG.


The real title of the melody is still unknown but it could be “Whenever you want to call me” , and it is a collaboration between Yailin and the performer Shadow Blow .


The two are quite close giving life to the first lines of this collaboration in a short video where Yailín appears in the foreground with a tremendous neckline and Shadow Blow later approaches her to play in this musical gathering.


Yailin La Más Viral: las nuevas cirugías de la novia de Anuel AA, esta vez  en el rostro | Celebs de Estados Unidos | FAMA | MAG.


It cannot be overlooked to highlight that it is also pending to announce the release date on which this song will see the light, meanwhile it is already beginning to generate a stir among users of social networks who have said they are delighted by this collaboration and how it begins to dream.


This is how the Dominican singer and content creator Yailín, the most viral, anticipates that her return to music will come with everything and independent of the scandalous situation that she has experienced in recent times due to the separation of her ex-husband and father of her daughter Cattleya. . For now it is clear that she already has more music ready.

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