With this red model, Anette Cuburu is proclaimed queen of minidresses

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Anette Cuburu
Anette Cuburu

The 47-year-old actress and host shows you how to capitalise on the spring 2023 trends.

We are just a few days away from the start of spring 2023, so it is time to pay attention to bright colours, as these will become a trend in the coming months, and while there will be new shades, such as orange and green, there are some classics that you can continue to take advantage of, the most notable example being red, a very noble hue that is ideal for all skin tones.

Anette Cuburu Se Luce En Traje De SatÍN Rosa Y Se Consolida Como La MÁS  Guapa

And if you want to break away from the typical carmine, you can follow Anette Cuburu‘s lead and wear an ensemble with a more scorched tone, even if it dances between reds and wines, cementing yourself as a queen of the hottest season of the year, which has already been felt in recent weeks.

Nonetheless, there have been some showers in recent days, so it is critical that you consider these weather fluctuations when choosing your everyday attire.

If you want to protect yourself from the wind while remaining cool, wear a minidress with long sleeves, as this will help you keep fresh and even gain a subtle, but incredibly seductive tan, which you can use to show off your legs. of steel, like the host of “Venga la Alegra” did in these images she posted on Instagram.

Another intriguing component of Anette Cuburu’s style is the fact that her dress’s sleeves are slightly puffed, making her wrists and shoulders appear more streamlined, while her outfit gains a very appealing touch of volume on the portion of the arms, highlighting the tube cut of her dress.

Anette Cuburu, as seen in the photograph, is wearing a dress with a transversal neckline, which adds a dynamic touch to her final look, which she pairs with modest makeup that, rather than returning to the usual brilliant red lipstick, tends towards a less saturated colour.

In terms of accessories, the actress and host, who recently turned 47, uses silver-tone jewellery, a colour that, being frigid, contrasts wonderfully with her stunning style, which has received hundreds of responses from fans.

Anette Cuburu Conquers With Tight Dress For Mature Women Instagram

“Too gorgeous”; “You will always be my eternal love”; and “That dress looks wonderful on you” are just a few of the remarks that have emerged in the publication of the popular presenter, who opted to wear nude shoes with a shiny finish and a strap on the shoe. ankle.

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