Karma? According to Anette Cuburu of Galilea Montijo y Legarreta

andrea legarreta
andrea legarreta

Anette Cuburu’s previous views were extremely relevant after Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta announced their individual separations.

With Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta’s recent announcements regarding the separation of their respective partners, Anette Cuburu’s previous words about her former colleagues took on a strong revelation “Is it karma?”

A Tik Tok video in which the host of Venga la Alegra appears would be resumed following the declarations in front of the television by the hosts of Hoy, who have also been heavily criticized for using their “divorces” to improve the program’s rating, among other comments on social networks.

Anette Cuburu, for her part, appears speaking about both drivers, implying that they made her life of little squares and she lived in “hell” when she collaborated in the morning this, after opening up in a previous interview with Mara Patricia Castaeda.


Galilea Montijoo

The Ajusco collaborator recounted, among other things, the romance they created for her with Ral Araiza, her program partner with whom she had nothing more than a friendship.

Anette Cuburu Bidault expressed sadness at the time that “among women there is no empathy and they strive to destroy each other,” after expressing how tough her stay on the Televisa program was because two of the hosts felt “overshadowed” by her.

Andrea Legarreta

The 48-year-old Mexican presenter was furious after these two hosts, whose names were withheld, intruded into her personal and professional life, which she does not accept because she does not interfere in the lives of others, according to the Mexicali native.

But, at that time, she was honest when she claimed that “karma exists” and that undoubtedly these two ladies will perform badly, and not because of her but because of their own deeds, said the presenter of other programs such as “With seal of women”.


Cómo Andrea Legarreta logró que Galilea Montijo tuviera un lugar en “Hoy” -  Infobae

“Those two women came into my life, and that’s how it went, and that’s how it will go, and not because of me, because karma is like that, so I’m very happy now, they’re extremely sad, you can see it in their faces, this is how lies are paid for,” she said.

Instantly, conjecture arose over the two former colleagues to whom he refers, Montijo and Legarreta, who have been highlighted on numerous times for their power on television and the horrible time that drivers have had. have taken part in the broadcast.

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