The Holy Innocents leave Enrique Bunbury behind and declare that they are ready to conquer Viva Latina

Enrique Bunbury
Enrique Bunbury

This week, the ensemble will make a series of presentations in Mexico; on Saturday, they will perform at the capital’s iconic musical festival.

Los Santos Inocentes has opted to continue on the music scene without Enrique Bunbury and with their own songs, and they will make their debut this Saturday on the Viva Latino stage.

Enrique Bunbury se despide de los escenarios por tiempo indefinido

After the former vocalist of the Héroes del Silencio cancelled his tour, the guitarists lvaro Suite and Jordi Mena, bassist Robert Castellanos, drummer Ramón Gacas, percussionist Quino Béjar, and pianist, organist, and accordionist Jorge Rebenaque realised they had to keep playing because music is their main passion.

“When Enrique chose to quit , we decided to continue and in a period of three or four months, we matured our ideas. “We got together last summer and recorded the initial tracks, which were supposed to be five, but we bonded so strongly that the entire album came out,” Castellanos explained.

El glicol, la substància que va obligar Enrique Bunbury a abandonar els  escenaris

Los Santos Inocentes opted not to have an official singer, thus they sang their songs in harmony of voices themselves. Thus far, his plan appears to be original and faithful to rock.

The CD is titled “La orilla de los inocentes,” and it will be released on March 18 at 10:40 p.m. at the festival’s Intolerant Tent. They respect and want to conquer this place with their music.

Enrique Bunbury, el español más enamorado de México, se retira de los  escenarios | De10

“We have come to Mexico several times, but this is the first time we have come as our own band and it means a lot to us. Moreover, it’s a big start at a festival like this, and everything is a dream.

Therefore we hope that many people come to see us and enjoy this proposition, since we know that the public, like their artists, is demanding,” he continued.

Enrique Bunbury: la vida familiar (y desconocida) en Los Ángeles de un  rockero

Castellanos and Béjar believe that the country has a lot of musical talent; in fact, throughout their rehearsals, they have seen the quality of the national bands with which they would like to collaborate in the future.

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