Will there be a bioseries on Angélica Rivera? Sofia Castro explains everything.

Angelica Rivera
Angelica Rivera

According to rumors, Angélica Rivera “would have her own bioseries,” but it is her daughter Sofia Castro who discloses everything.

In recent years, the actress’s and her family’s names have been on the lips of the media due to different versions such as the rumored return of Angélica Rivera to novels, the rumor also spread that she would produce a bioseries, and it is her daughter, Sofa Castro, who addressed all the specifics.


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The daughter of the “former president of the DIF,” who became a well-known face on television for soap operas such as “Dulce Desafio,” “La Duea,” and many others, will share credits in the production of written romance thriller directed by and starring Ben Mililken.

Angélica 'La Gaviota' Rivera resurfaces looking unrecognizable


Nothing more and nothing less than Cynthia Klitbo, a close friend of Angélica Rivera Hurtado, 53, would be the one who addressed details of the alleged return of the famous to television last year.

“They are creating their biography rather than returning. They are already in the final stages of my buddy Angie’s life narrative “Klitbo already noted in a previous interview with Inés Moreno in February 2022. Following the announcement of the daughter of “La Gaviota” and “El Güero” Castro in her first big role in Hollywood, a version of the former first lady resurfaced, this time centered on a claimed bioseries, which her own Sofia categorically denied.


Angelica Rivera is said to want to "reconnect with her audience" and may be  returning to television very soon. - The Storiest


“Nah, guy. That would have been obvious, zero. “My mother, on the contrary, my mother is really thrilled about my film,” Sofa remarked in a press conference after revealing that she will star in “Snag: Chapter One.” “.

Angélica Rivera’s eldest daughter, on the other hand, stated that the former actress was very busy last year supporting her throughout her filming process in the United States, implying that she was not even thinking about returning to television, as much has been speculated since the 53-year-old artist separated from the former Mexican president.


Sofía Castro niega posibilidad de bioserie sobre Angélica Rivera

Surprisingly, the 26-year-old has stated on previous occasions that her mother does not rule out her return to the screen and that it would be through the “big door,” implying that she hopes a great project will come into her hands, although it is unknown when the protagonist of ” Distilling love” will return.

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