Who was the Masterchef celebrity Colombia contestant who was eliminated?

A new episode of the cooking reality show will air today, Saturday, October 16. Here you will find the contestants who have already been eliminated.

Today The 75Th Episode Of The Masterchef Celebrity Series Will Take Place.
Today the 75th episode of the Masterchef celebrity series will take place.

The final date of Masterchef celebrity Colombia took us closer to meeting the competition’s winner. Liss Pereira, the previous challenge champion, had assigned the dishes to her teammates and given Via Machado and Carla Giraldo the more difficult option on the previous occasion. Marbella also had to say her goodbyes to the competition while crying and receiving accolades from the judges.

Who has been voted off the reality show so far?

So far, 14 of the 20 contestants in the culinary reality show have been eliminated. The following is a list of those who have dropped out of the program:

  1. Francy
  2. Lorna cepeda
  3. Ernesto Calzadilla
  4. Mario Espitia
  5. Luis Eduardo Diaz
  6. Alicia machado
  7. Ana Maria Estupiñán
  8. Freddy Beltran
  9. Endry Cardeño
  10. Emmanuel esparza
  11. Julio Sánchez Cóccaro
  12. Catalina Maya
  13. Carlos Camacho
  14. Marbelle.

Today, October 16, 2021, who was eliminated?

You can find out who will be eliminated number 15 in the Masterchef celebrity Colombia tournament today at 8:00 p.m.

Who are the Masterchef celebrity Colombia contestants?

Liss Pereira, Gregorio Perna
Martinez, Frank
Via Machado, Carla Giraldo
Diego Camargo is a Mexican actor.
What is the theme of Masterchef celebrity Colombia 2021?
It’s a competition amongst Colombian celebrities from the worlds of television, art, culture, and entertainment to see who can be the finest haute cuisine chef.

Masterchef celebrity Colombia airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00 p.m. throughout Colombia.

Masterchef celebrity Colombia: RCN Television broadcasts the broadcasting channel Masterchef celebrity 2021. It’s also visible on the channel’s web page.

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