Adele would be subject to a hefty fine if she was caught dumping trash on the streets of London.

Adele appears to be driving a car that spews papers as she sings “Hello” in her new song. The Doncaster metropolitan district made it clear that it would not be lenient toward her.

Adele Would Have Shot The Video For Her Latest Theme Song In A City In England. Photo: Adele / Instagram / Twitter Capture.
Adele would have shot the video for her latest theme song in a city in England. Photo: Adele / Instagram / Twitter capture.

After a long sabbatical from music, Adele returned with her new track Easy one me. The interpreter just released a letter to her ex-husband Simon Konecki in which she explains why she ended their union. Even if the singer’s video is a hit, she could still face a fine because of it.

The city of Doncaster, England, cited the artist for allegedly leaving garbage on the streets. “”If you litter, you’ll be fined right away,” they announced on their official Twitter feed.

The British would have filed an appeal in light of the sanctions imposed by the location. Even if you’ve been forgiven, they said, it’s not enough. In spite of her pleas, they refused to be lenient with her.

With regard to the case, the singer was given an option to get rid of the sanction, which is the usage of an image from her song video where her eyes are reflected in a rear-view mirror. The proposed clip will be a new image of public notice warning individuals of the fines they may face if they litter on public roads.


According to an interview with Vogue published on October 7, Adele discussed her upcoming album 30, what motivated her to write the songs, and how she is gearing up for its release. And she claimed that her 9-year-old son Angelo needs to know that he and his mother no longer live together so she can prepare him for the future. It’s important to me that my son knows what it means to be loved and to be loved by someone else. My life depends on it. I’ve been on a quest to discover what makes me truly happy “she explained.


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