What the daughter of Johnny Depp said at the beginning of the battle against Amber Heard

Although Lily-Rose Depp has not commented on her father’s new trial, she had done so before

Daughter Of Johnny Depp
daughter of Johnny Depp

Just four days before the court sessions of Johnny Depp‘s defamation trial against Amber Heard are resumed, the followers of the case continue to analyze in detail each of the situations that have happened around this unfortunate situation, of which suspect, no one will get away with it. While the mention of Kate Moss in Amber Heard’s testimony remains a mystery, given the celebratory reaction of Depp’s lawyer, the actress is now expected to be questioned by the team of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean, in what will surely.

They will be difficult episodes. As of this day, fans of the actors are taking an in-depth look at what some of the characters surrounding the case have said about Heard and Depp over the years. From the opinions that the actor’s ex-partners have given about him, until the time when Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny’s eldest daughter, spoke about the disagreement between her father and his ex-wife.

Although the model has been mentioned in the case on several occasions, with a very unfortunate approach on Heard’s part, Lily-Rose has remained completely out of the trial and completely away from any media noise that could reach her in this regard. The 22-year-old has managed to appear in public in the middle of a storm and not be related to what is happening in the Virginia court. But this does not mean that she has not previously made known her strong supportive stance towards her father.

In 2016, she wrote in a post – which has since disappeared – on her Instagram account: “My dad is the sweetest, most loving person I know, he has been nothing but a wonderful father to me and my brother. and all who know him will say the same.” Attached to the message was a photo of a young Johnny helping Lily-Rose, who was just a baby, learn to walk.

The powerful message appeared when Amber’s first accusations were made in May 2016, for which she is now being sued as an actor – the article she wrote in the Washington Post that year. Although the post has since been removed, some sites still have screenshots of it. Interestingly, although all this happened in May of that year, in January 2016, Johnny was seen together at a public event with his daughter and Amber Heard,

Lily’s disagreement with Amber

Although during her testimony, Amber repeated on several occasions how excited she was to meet Depp’s children and how worried she was about them at some point, the actor gave a different account of this situation, specifically by emphasizing a situation, her eldest daughter refused to attend her nuptials with Heard because of their bad relationship. “My daughter, Lily-Rose did not come to the wedding. She and Miss Heard were not on particularly good terms, for various reasons,” Depp explained when it was his time to take the stand.

For her part, Amber said at some point in her own testimony: “I felt protective of Lily-Rose and (I was) worried and naturally they are not my children, it is not my place, and I understood that I know that it is a sensitive subject. so I understood why Johnny got so mad at me.”

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