TWICE Revealed What Roles Their Members Would Have As Actresses


What would the TWICE members be like as actresses? They might have new personalities in K-dramas or movies.

For now, none of the TWICE idols have debuted as an actress, but they all know which roles would suit each of the members best if they were to work in a drama or movie.


TWICE is a great K-Pop group that has conquered us all with their songs and performances. Recently, the idols had a great comeback with ‘READY TO BE’ that has brought fans joy with their songs and also with the girl group’s various promotions.

TWICE has been performing on television shows in Korea and the United States, the idols take the stage in the best way, they had some fansigns with which they could share more time with their fans . And soon they will start with a great world tour to continue making amazing memories with their fandom.


TWICE’s promotions have been extended to more things like dynamics and interviews where we can learn more about the idols . Perhaps in their eighth year as a group, we would think that ONCE already knows everything about these artists, but there is always new information to discover.

Have you imagined the TWICE members as actresses ? They revealed which roles would suit these idols best if they decided to work in K-dramas or movies.


Which characters would suit the TWICE members best if they were actresses?

TWICE had a fun dynamic with GQ magazine, in this video they talked about various questions and situations that ONCE would have posted on their Twitter. In one of these questions, the question was asked about which characters would suit the members of the group better if they were actresses  and these were the results.

  • Jihyo could have a secret agent character
  • Jeongyeon would have a police officer character
  • Sana would be perfect for a romance movie
  • Mina would act well in a horror movie

Which TWICE members would make the best actresses?

There are many fans wishing several of TWICE’s idols would become actresses, but who would be the best ? According to ONCE, Dahyun, Tzuyu, and Mina could do their best acting in series and movies. This is because they have demonstrated their skills in front of the cameras in various dynamics before.

Hopefully soon we will have the debut of some of the TWICE members as actresses, in general we think that they would do an excellent job in this, they are really multitalented.

What do you think?

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