Maribel Guardia: Her best routines for a perfect back

maribel guardia instagram
maribel guardia instagram

The famous is living proof that consistency in fitness gives results: routines for a toned back at 63 years old

At 63 years old,  Maribel Guardia  has shared with us an impressive figure that shows that in the world of fitness , results are not accidental, but rather the result of constant effort.

The Costa Rican presenter takes care of herself through different training routines, currently focusing on toning her back, which she looks firm and in excellent shape despite the passage of time.

You have selected two specific routines to define your back and eliminate unwanted love handles. The first one includes the rowing exercise in two different modalities: the inverted row and the barbell row. In each session, perform one set of 10 reps of the inverted row followed by another set of 10 reps of the barbell row.

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The exercises chosen by Maribel are highly effective in strengthening the upper back and core in general. The barbell row, in particular, also tones the deltoids, biceps, and triceps, making it a fundamental exercise for building muscle in the upper body. As for your second routine, it is made up of more complex and challenging exercises.

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She has incorporated a second routine to tone her lower back and eliminate love handles. To achieve this, she performs a series of exercises, including the barbell bridge, which strengthens the core, and the two-minute plank in Superman position, which tones the lower back and thighs. Lastly, he finishes with a deadlift session to work his lower back for a more defined and toned body.

These are some of the methods that Maribel Guardia uses to maintain a spectacular figure at her age. The presenter has found the formula to defy aging and shares her techniques with her millions of followers.

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Her training routines of hers are simple but effective, and many are already putting them into practice to achieve similar results.

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