Ninel Conde: Three bikinis in which “El Bombón Asesino” demonstrates the trend of wearing chains in swimwear

Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde

The stunning vocalist has made metal-link bikinis a fashion statement.

The Easter holidays are approaching, a season that many city dwellers use to escape to the beach, so it is worth considering the bikini trends that are sweeping the season and can help you become the goddess of the beach, such as those that introduce openings or choose to insert external elements that make the designs look sophisticated and dynamic, such as those used by Ninel Conde.

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Surprisingly, the actress who played “Alma Rey” in the serial opera “Rebelde” is one of the celebrities who shares the most beach photos, which makes sense given that the singer also lives near a port. This keeps her admirers up to date on the latest swimwear news.

Bikinis with chains are one of the 46-year-old interpreter’s favorite outfits, a style that has gained popularity among many celebrities and has gone viral on social media platforms like as Instagram and Pinterest, where multiple users upload masterpieces that gather this sort of sets.

Ninel Conde eleva la temperatura en revelador mini vestido de lentejuelas |  El Heraldo de México

The benefit of bikinis with chains is that there are numerous types available, ranging from swimsuits with networks full of links to those that just incorporate this trend in particular regions to emphasize areas such as the hips or the breast. As a result, on this occasion, we present three possibilities ranging from the most classic to the spectacular.

For example, this first bikini by Ninel Conde is a design that only includes chains in one portion of the pantyhose and bra, notably in the area that offers support to the swimsuit, giving the design an attractive air that You may take advantage of at a pool party.

Desde un yate, Ninel Conde eleva la temperatura con el bikini más atrevido  de la temporada | Entre Veredas

This design, on the other hand, is more minimalist, as it does not raise the chains to an essential component within the swimsuit, but rather uses them as decoration to highlight specific regions, such as the neckline and pelvis, which become showy due to the links.

Ninel Conde BATMAN @jamesho64248533

However, if you really want to join the trend of bikinis with chains, you should copy this beach outfit by Ninel Conde, who in her eagerness to be crowned the most fashionable decided to include a sort of removable pareo in her bikini, which, in addition to adding an innovative touch to your outfit, can be removed to provide greater comfort when swimming.

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