The trailer for ‘The Knights of the Zodiac’ reveals the new armor in live action

The Knights of the Zodiac
The Knights of the Zodiac

It is getting closer to the premiere of the live action of ‘The Knights of the Zodiac‘, which, as its trailer reveals, aims to surprise the millions of fans

One of the most interesting films that are currently being prepared in the world of cinema is the live action of ‘ The Knights of the Zodiac ‘, because it is the first live action adaptation of the aforementioned anime, a story that during the 90s became a gigantic success worldwide, and the official trailer for this new film makes it clear that it will be spectacular.


The New Knights of the Zodiac Movie Trailer Is an Act of the Gods


Sony Pictures is the company that will be in charge of distributing the live action of ‘ Los Caballeros del Zodiaco ‘ internationally, so this study has presented the first subtitled trailer of this long-awaited production, where you can see the version in action real of some of the most important characters of the well-known anime.

In this trailer we can see Seiya winning the famous pegasus armor , it even shows one of the golden knights in full action, so it is a preview that shows how the armor will look in live action format, something which has been applauded by millions of fans of this saga, although it has also been criticized.


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For many fans of the anime of ‘ The Knights of the Zodiac ‘, the live action is not up to par, despite the fact that it has not yet been released, so without a doubt this production has a tough challenge ahead of it, taking into account that the animated version released at the end of the 80s is one of the most successful productions of all time.

The good news is that fans of this saga will not have to wait long to enjoy the live action of this story, since it has been confirmed that it will be arriving in movie theaters for Mexico and Latin America in a few weeks. since it will be available from next April 27



What the live action movie of ‘The Knights of the Zodiac’ will show

It should be noted that the news that the live action of ‘ Los Caballeros del Zodiaco ‘ arrives next April has surprised everyone, because it will even be released in the Latin American region before Japan and Europe, so the The first who will be able to judge this new live action adaptation will be the Latin American fans.


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The interesting thing about this production is that it will be adapting practically to the letter what the original anime of ‘The Knights of the Zodiac’ shows, even the producer Toei Animation pointed out that it plans to adapt the entire original story, so even in case of For this production to succeed, it could be the beginning of a saga of approximately 6 films.

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