There are no excuses for the marathon with the 24 Netflix premieres from March 27 to April 2


The following week will be very interesting on Netflix, as 24 new movies, series and documentaries arrive for millions of subscribers.

The last week of March has arrived on Netflix , in which the streaming giant will be launching no less than 24 new titles for its subscribers, series, movies and documentaries that will come with a huge dose of entertainment, and being of different genres for sure. you will find something interesting to enjoy from March 27 to April 2.


No excuses for the marathon with 24 Netflix premieres from March 27 to April  2 - The Fashion Vibes


Without a doubt, the premiere that has aroused the most attention on Netflix this week is ‘ Mystery A La Vista ‘, because it is the new film from the streaming giant created and starring Adam Sandler, a title where the actor returns to make comic dumbbell with the funny and beloved actress Jennifer Aniston.


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The reason why ‘Mystery On The Sight’ is one of the best Netflix releases from March 27 to April 2 is because it is the sequel to the acclaimed 2019 film ‘Mystery On Board’, a comedy film that became in the most viewed film in its premiere year on this platform, and this new production is shaping up to be just as entertaining.


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In ‘Misterio A La Vista’, subscribers of the streaming giant will be able to see Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler once again playing the boring married couple that the subscribers of this platform met in ‘Mystery On Board’, who are now involved in a new crime for which they can be blamed, so they will have to figure it out.


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In the same way, another of the most outstanding Netflix releases this week is ‘Wellmania’, an interesting and witty spicy comedy that follows a food writer who, when going through a health crisis, is forced to rethink her carefree life, which leads her to go on a wellness journey to recover, even though it may kill her.



A Sailor of War’ is another of the productions that you cannot miss in the following week on Netflix, since it is a new original miniseries of this streaming service set in World War II, a Norwegian title that follows two sailors on a merchant ship who must face the brutality of a war in which they never wanted to participate.


  • ‘My Little Pony: Tell your story’ (March 27) 
  • ‘Inuyasha’ (Season 1, 2 and 3) (March 28)
  • ‘Mae Martin: SAP’ (March 28)
  • ‘Once More’ (March 28)
  • ‘Emergency in the air’ (March 29)
  • ‘On the margins’ (March 29)
  • ‘Wellmania’ (March 29)
  • ‘Invisible’ (March 29)
  • ‘Emergency In The Air’ (March 29)
  • ‘Emergencies: New York’ (March 29)
  • ‘The African Folktales: Reimagined’ (29 de marzo)
  • ‘Unstable’ (March 30)
  • ‘Kimi ni Todoke: Coming to you’ (March 30)
  • ‘Bick Mack: Gangsters and Gold’ (March 30)
  • ‘Mystery in sight’ (March 31)
  • ‘Bokson must die’ (March 31)
  • ‘The Blacklist’ (Season 9 – March 31)
  • ‘The media assassin’ (March 31)
  • ‘Barbie Mermaid Power’ (March 31)
  • ‘Two lovers and a bear’ (April 1)
  • ‘Beyblade Burst QuadDrive’ (April 1)
  • ‘Invisible’ (April 1)
  • ‘Paradise and Hell: Soul Exchange’ (April 1)
  • ‘A sailor at war’ (April 2)


These are all the Netflix releases for the week of March 27 to April 2 , 24 new releases that you cannot miss, because they come with very interesting and entertaining stories, productions that make clear how varied and extensive it is. the catalog of this platform, and best of all, this service has announced more titles for April.

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