The top five most famous Shakira songs


With a 30-year career behind her, these are the five most viewed songs on the YouTube platform by artist Shakira.

The spotlight is currently on singer Shakira, who is one of the musicians who has received the most attention on social media as a result of the huge scandal surrounding her sudden separation with ex-soccer star Gerard Piqué.




Yet, her brilliance speaks for itself, without ignoring the Colombian’s magnificent and strong 30-year career, so this time we will focus on the top 5 of her best and most famous songs on the platform. via YouTube.


“Chantaj e” was released in November 2018 and is a duet between Shakira and Colombian Maluma in the reggaeton style. Together, they made all of Latin America dance.

The music video has received over 2 billion views on YouTube, with the actual figure being 2,828,604,329 views.

CLICKING HERE you can listen to ” Blackmail “.


2.Hips Don’t Lie

Hip swaying became popular thanks to the singer, who made it obvious in the song that her hips do not lie when it comes to dancing.

The composer collaborated with Wyclef Jean and released ” Hips Don’t Lie ” in 2005; the music video has received over 1 billion views.

Even this musical theme made it into Spotify’s Billion Club, which is quite an accomplishment.

CLICKING HERE you can listen to ” Hips Don’t Lie “.

3.waka waka

Shakira is known as the “Queen of Sports” since every time she participates in one, a great and successful musical theme is more than assured.

Therefore, for the 2010 World Cup in Africa, the Colombian was commissioned to create the official song for the occasion, and thus “Waka, Waka,” one of the artist’s most recognized singles, was produced.

CLICKING HERE you can listen to the song.

4.Whenever, Whenever

” Laundry Service ” was Shakira’s first studio album entirely in English, and while it divided opinion, ” Whenever, Whenever ” was without a doubt one of the most listened to and successful tracks on the album.

This musical theme has a Spanish counterpart, which was given the title “Luck,” and it is also one of the songs that are uniquely Colombian.

CLICKING HERE you can listen to ” Whenever, Whenever “.


After a five-year hiatus from her musical career, the singer launched one of the most successful musical comebacks, releasing ” Te Felicito ” in cooperation with Rauw Alejandro, which became a sensation in April 2022.

The contempt letter is said to have an addressee, which could be his ex-partner Gerard Piqué, because he was unfaithful to him with a young 23-year-old girl.

CLICKING HERE you can listen to ” Te Felicito “.

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