The governor, Samuel Garcia, wants Elon Musk to be a compadre.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Samuel Garcia, the controversial governor of Nuevo León, has disclosed that he will seek millionaire Elon Musk to baptise his newborn daughter.

The entrance of Tesla in Monterrey was announced with considerable enthusiasm a few days ago, thanks to favourable negotiations between the Mexican government and millionaire Elon Musk. Samuel Garcia, the governor of Nuevo León, now wants Musk as a compadre.

As you can see, the controversial governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garca, wants the wealthy to be the godfather of his daughter Mariel’s baptism, which he had with his wife, Mariana Rodrguez, and who was born on March 10th.

My life, my love, my artwork, my clone. As state governor, I am the first registrar in the state to delegate to civil registry judges all the records of babies in Nuevo León. I am going to register my daughter, but she is so similar, identical that instead of Mariel I am going to have to name Samuel or Samantha, ”said the governor.

In the midst of everything that is going on between Monterrey and the new mega plant that the millionaire plans to build in that city, the governor, Garcia, had the brilliant idea that, in addition to business issues, he and the millionaire are united by their Catholic faith, making him the godfather of her baby.

And my compadre. Compadre because I am going to tell him that he is the godfather of Marielis, to see if he accepts ”.

The governor addressed the matter of his daughter’s registration and the name that he is considering changing owing to their striking resemblance in a video that he uploaded on social media.

In addition to demonstrating that your office is already personalised with two photographs; the sonogram of his daughter, which she has framed, and the photograph she took with Elon Musk on his most recent visit, whom she referred to as “compadre,” to later confess that she will ask him to join the family.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Such words by Governor Samuel Garcia have reverberated widely among Internet users, who have not squandered the opportunity to express their own thoughts on the subject, addressing the politician in a variety of ways.

The flip flop is out, with that permission to put his plant @elonmusk and the scarcity of water that he left in the north. Not good, each dog with his bone”, “Let them tell where they will throw the bowl to go.”, “I don’t think so Elon is an agnostic or atheist, you dream Samuelito.”, “They feel like kings hahaha, before saying that he did not say yes They talked to their children so that they were already a family hahaha ”, are some of the comments.

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