Hoy Program: Is it a form of toxic relationship therapy aimed at drivers?

Andrea Legarre
Andrea Legarre

After the three unexpected divorces of the “Today” show cast were televised, they touched on the question of counselling for toxic relationships, is it indirect?

As this type of circumstance no longer remains mute, the well-being of the two members of the couple is already sought, so one of the most prominent morning shows in all of Mexico is the Program “Today,” he chose to present an intriguing discourse.

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So, the cast of this morning has given a lot to talk about recently, as the host Andrea Legarreta startled everyone with her divorce after more than 20 years of sharing her life and time with the artist Erik Rubn, with whom she has two daughters.

Months later, her girlfriend Tania Rincón would join this club, the club of divorcees, because she would make her divorce with her husband public, leaving viewers with a shattered heart to learn of their relationship’s ending.

Andrea Legarreta gana juicio y embargan 2.5 mdp a los dueños de la revista  'TV Notas'

But, Galilea Montijo elected to raise her voice and reveal her divorce, with a total of three drivers in the divorce club, generating significant controversy.

Recently, the “Hoy “programme featured toxic relationships as the major theme, giving a therapy capsule, prompting many viewers of the show to speculate that this could be a reference to Andrea Legarreta, Tania Rincón, and Galilee.

Andrea Legarreta obtiene triunfo legal tras demandar a una revista

Despite the fact that Legarreta is no longer romantically involved with Erik Rubn, the musician appeared on the show a few days ago to discuss his marriage and divorce, as well as to promote the Cumbia Machine festival.

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