The Gay Kiss Scene between Gus Kenworthy and Brady Was Excised from ’80s Brady (EXCLUSIVE)

Gus Kenworthy
Gus Kenworthy

LGBTQ moviegoers have a lot to look forward to in “80 for Brady.” Besides starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field as friends who go to see Tom Brady play in the 2017 Super Bowl, the Paramount Pictures comedy also features Billy Porter as a halftime performance choreographer.

What I didn’t know before is that a gay kiss was planned. What then transpired? According to Gus Kenworthy, he was supposed to “make out” with his on-screen boyfriend, played by “M3GAN” actor Brian Jordan Alvarez, during his appearance, but the moment was cut from the final cut of the film.

Gus Kenworthy Says A Gay Kiss Was Cut From '80 For Brady' – Hollywood Life


The Olympic skier confided in me at the Gold Meets Golden gala for Angel City Sports on February 4 in Beverly Hills, “They said they had to edit it for time, but I think they shortened it for Middle America.”

Multiple kiss scenes with Kenworthy and Alvarez were filmed. Kenworthy joked, “Some of them got raunchy,” adding that he is crossing his fingers that one of these scenes makes it into the final edit. Release the tapes!” he yelled. Aim to make that a viral hit.

Gus Kenworthy Says He's Ready For A Romantic Lead Role | Flipboard

The script was used for one take, but Kenworthy and his partner “performed it like four or fives times” with improvised insults and makeout scenes in between. Both Tom Brady and Paramount Pictures representatives turned down interviews for this piece.

In a statement, a representative from production company Fifth Season revealed that 20 minutes were “removed form the picture for pacing concerns, including critical moments involving cast members, along with cameo appearances like Gus and Brian’s kissing scene.”

Gus Kenworthy Says Gay Kiss Was Removed from 80 for Brady : 'I Think They Cut It for Middle America'


As part of the same statement, it was said, “We value and honor the efforts of the filmmakers and all of the outstanding talent engaged in the movie, including those members of the LGBTQ community.” While staying true to our core ideals as an inclusive company, we are dedicated to serving the specific requirements of each film we produce.

Meanwhile, Kenworthy informs me that, following his appearance on Fox’s “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test,” he is moving on from reality TV to focus on acting. I’ve been going to classes and auditions, he added.

Gus Kenworthy reflects on high schools days at 'The Prom'


I have been writing, and I have a few projects in the works. A collection of articles based on my life and travels is also in the works. The brief anecdotes lend themselves to the bigger topic of hiding, coming out, and making it through. Similar to a David Sedaris novel.”

Myles Frost has won a Tony for his performance as Michael Jackson in the musical “MJ the Musical,” but he has his sights set on Hollywood. At Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala at the Beverly Hilton, Frost informed me, “Right now, my dream role is Miles Morales, Black Spider-Man.” “That seems like the path I want to take…. Since I go by the name Myles, I’m already halfway there. A dream role for me would be playing Miles in the live-action adaptation.

Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy to switch allegiance from US to Great Britain to compete in 2022 | Fox News


Sightings include the first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, participating in a spin class at SoulCycle in West Hollywood the night before she presented at the Grammys and again the following morning. In spite of their on-screen reunion for Netflix’s “That ’70s Show” spinoff, “That ’90s Show,” Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have no intentions to work together on a feature film.

When I ask Kutcher if they have any plans to do a movie together, he emphatically answers, “Never.” “Our children are our top priority. ‘That ’90s Show’ was filmed, however it was done when they were in school and we finished well before their arrival home. To work on a film together would mean sacrificing time with our families. Just don’t count on it.

Gus Kenworthy Ready for Out, Proud 2018 Olympics: 'I Am So Excited to Go to the Games as Myself' (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

To be followed by “Your Place or Mine,” in which Kutcher stars opposite Reese Witherspoon. After learning that the romantic comedy would be filming in Georgia to take advantage of the state’s tax benefits, Kutcher claims he offered to take a pay reduction to persuade the producers to move production to Los Angeles.

Rachel Bloom is holding out hope that a network will pick up her “Reboot” Hulu sitcom after Steve Levitan had it canceled. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m very fucked up about it, she tells me.

Olympics: Gus Kenworthy feels like 'whole new person'


Unfortunately, the signs were there for a while, but I still believe it’s a great show. The acting in this is fantastic. At the moment, I have no idea how anything functions. In my opinion, nobody does.

Hulu’s attempts to revive a hit comedy series from the 2000s were at the heart of the show’s one and only season. The relaunch featured the original cast members (Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Judy Greer, and Calum Worthy) as well as a new cast member (Bloom) as a young writer.

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