The course Hola a Galilea Montijo is uneasy about a previous partner

Galilea Montijoo
Galilea Montijoo

The Hoy show forced the television host to endure uncomfortable moments in full broadcast with a “unpleasant” guest for Galilea Montijo.

The star of the Hoy program would have uncomfortable times during one of the broadcasts after the producers forced Galilea Montijo to live with a former partner with whom the “tapathy” did not get along.


Recently, the drivers had no choice but to view each other’s faces in full transmission, which was not entirely nice for the “original from Guadalajara,” nor for her former boyfriend, who was in the midst of the variations around her “poor relationship.”

Both Galilea Montijo and Marisol González appeared on the Hoy program in different portions, which sparked outrage after Alex Kaffie admitted that “they can’t stand each other.”


Hoy program Galilea Montijo is fractured after a heavy fall


“Martha Galilea Montijo Torres has had to make a Herculean effort to greet Marisol González (who has shitted on her since they were colleagues on Hoy),” the television personality wrote on one occasion.

Nonetheless, as members of Televisa, they have coexisted on several occasions in various projects, the most recent being in the March 29 broadcast of Hoy, where “Gali” did not approach the group embrace with the who received the Mexican model.


Galilea Montijo


It should be remembered that Marisol Gonzáles was a long time ago a part of the morning show from which she left for alleged “family reasons,” although many refer to it as the last relationship with the famous woman of nearly 50 years, the background that led to the goodbye by the 40-year-old sports host.

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