Maluma admits, Neymar stole my girlfriend!


Maluma lately made incredible claims, well, he admitted in full broadcast that Neymar snatched away from the explosive Croatian model, Natalia Barulich.

The scars of the heart can endure for years in a person who was in love, and in this sense, the famous reggaeton heartthrob; Maluma, who has just admitted that Neymar, the Brazilian soccer player, stole his fiancée, is giving something to speak about for his powerful words.


In one of his most recent interviews, Colombian Maluma revealed shocking admissions about his connection with Natalia Barulich, the explosive model of Croatian heritage, claiming that he jumped into the Brazilian’s arms in less than thirty seconds and that they dissolved their relationship.


“Yes, Neymar took my girlfriend away from me.” Seconds later he laughed and added: “No, lie.”


It was on the YouTube channel ” Alofoke ” that Maluma broke the silence on this subject, several years after having maintained that love relationship that, apparently, left a mark on the singer, because he remembered in detail what happened after they broke up, with Neymar being the point of contention.


“Like 30 seconds.”


“An infidelity of the model Natala Barulch with Neymar would have been the cause of the collapse of the relationship with Maluma, after two years of dating,” it was said everywhere in 2019.

Despite the passage of time, the drivers brought up the matter in this new interview, pressing on what transpired between Maluma, Natalia, and Neymar, forcing the Colombian to reveal that the footballer he took his sweetheart.


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The inquiries proceeded, and one of the interviewers persisted on the subject, asking how long after their breakup Natalia began seeing the Brazilian player; the answer was:


“I broke up with Natalia and then I saw that they were out there, but I have no idea, nor do I care, because I have always said that when you break up with a woman, the moment you shake her hand, a kiss, it Whatever it is, until then everything dies, “said Maluma.”


Despite his amusement, Maluma’s face became solemn and reflective, implying that what happened still stings, however it should be noted that the singer did not cast the Croatian in a negative light by attempting to defend her.


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With these recent words, Maluma has put himself in the eye of the cyclone, so we’ll have to wait and see if the news reaches Natalia and Neymar, and if they decide to respond to the Colombian or not.

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