The 6 most Machiavellian children in horror movies

From the twins of The Shining to the exorcism of Regan MacNeil, little characters who immortalized their diabolical powers in cult films

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Small actors that generated a greater terror

The horror genre is the ideal ingredient to enjoy a terrifying night of Halloween and what better way to remember it with films of the cult of which, several of them, have been awarded by highly renowned awards such as the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

As the years go by, interesting, versatile, and innovative content is created. However, in the 1970s several of them exceeded expectations for their superior quality when generating visual effects. And without detracting from the merit: the stellar performances. One of those who managed to convince you that, in reality, this was the paranormal world. Shaking with fright second by second.

With lockers that exceeded their budget, these classics took into account to include in their formula for success children whose talents were immaculate in the memories of the eighties. For several of them, the curse of fame was so turbulent that they never appeared on the screens again. Only one could sustain himself in the constant memories of the public, the media, and productions.

Infobae reminds you which were the 6 children of terror, and what became of them.

Regan MacNeil, from The Exorcist (1973)

Regan Macneil From The Exorcist 1973
Regan Macneil, From The Exorcist (1973)

With Linda Blair, this film is one of the most popular horror films, being one of the highest-grossing of its time, surpassing $ 440 million in gross. Linda’s performance earned her an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe for best-supporting actress. Her performance was so masterful that her career could not take off: after this role, everyone had high expectations of her, so Linda decided to give up that dream.

Regan MacNeil was one of the top 100 movie villains, ranking ninth, according to the American Film Institute. The actress suffered harassment and death threats for which Warner Bros. had to assign her a bodyguard. Nowadays, away from the screens, Blair is dedicated to her own NGO that supports the preservation of animals.

Damien Thorn, in The Omen (1976)

Damien Thorn In The Omen 1976
Damien Thorn, In The Omen (1976)

When the antichrist child is mentioned, the character of Damien Thorn, played by Harvey Stephens, immediately comes to mind. A child who came to a diplomatic family, after the death of his firstborn. That dark secret will start to wreak havoc, a bit creepy when Damien brings out his devilish powers by turning Thorn upside down. An extra curious fact. Director Richard Donner used a very peculiar trick to unleash the protagonist’s ire: make fun of him. Boy, did he do it perfectly!

The prophecy is that this child –not so child– stopped appearing on the screens. Today he is a stock market analyst and recently starred in a legal scandal by seriously attacking two cyclists after a street dispute. Did the antichrist character come out in your reality? Who knows…

Grady Twins, from The Shining (1980)

Grady Twins From The Shining 1980 2
Grady Twins, From The Shining (1980)

They are the most sinister twin sisters in the horror industry: Louise and Lisa Burns. They became one of the icons of the genre. This production based on the Stephen King book was directed by Stanley Kubrick and is considered a cult film. But the strange thing about all this is that The Shining would end up being the only appearance of the sisters. After that, they would not return to the screens. It seems that Danny Torrance’s ( Daniel Lloyd ) wish came true: he closed his eyes so as not to see the dark girls at the end of the hotel corridor, as he traveled it with his bicycle.

What happened to these famous twins? According to a report by VH1, they are professionals – Louise is a microbiologist and Lisa, a Literature teacher – and they are completely removed from the film world.

Toshio Saeki, in The Grudge (2004)

Toshio Saeki In The Grudge 2004
Toshio Saeki, In The Grudge (2004)

Little is known about what happened to Yūya Ozeki, who played Toshio Saeki. But the truth is that so far The Grudge is one of the most important Japanese horror sagas of the era and, perhaps, the most remembered of its continent. After acting in the saga, he was in other productions such as El grito and in short series. It is said that Yūya dedicated himself to playing the piano and swimming. From there, it has not appeared on the screens anymore.

In The Grudge, which in Japanese translates as The Curse ( Ju-on ), the dark story unfolds from Toshio’s father being very sure that his wife had cheated on him with another man, so he had uncontrollable anger and, when he died, he left a curse difficult to face.

Henry Evans from The Good Son (1993)

Henry Evans From The Good Son 1993
Henry Evans From The Good Son (1993)

Of all the Machiavellian children on the list, this is the most remembered, and not precisely for his stellar performance. This is due to his constant scandals, both personal and family. He is also remembered for being the poor little angel. The truth is that Macaulay Culkin was one of the few children who took advantage of his rise of fame to continue giving something to talk about and continue a solid career despite his young age. In the genre of terror, he was in the film The Good Son ( The Good Son ).

A curious fact: his father made him sleep on the couch in his own mansion paid for with his money, under the excuse that his fame would not rise. This taking into account that their earnings, per film, were close to 4.5 million dollars. For this reason, Culkin was emancipated at age 14. So good son? It only remains to judge it from your own perspective.


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