Samadhi Zendejas proves that she is beautiful with or without makeup

Samadhi Zendejas
Samadhi Zendejas

Actress Samadhi Zendejas recently proved that she is beautiful with or without makeup; She was seen like this very close to the camera at the Los Angeles Airport

The beauty of the actress  Samadhi Zendejas has no limits and although she shows herself without a drop of makeup , the interpreter shows that she is very beautiful with or without makeup; this, coupled with her spectacular body that she has at her 27 years of age and the charisma with which the famous woman has earned the affection of the international public.


Quién es Samadhi Zendejas, la actriz que roba miradas por su transformación  física?


And it is that, her face is one of the few of the famous that does not change with her face washed or well made up, as has been seen through her publications on her visited Instagram account where she is followed by no less than 5.5 million fans who do not miss their projects or every step that the Chiapaneca takes.

There is little evidence in which Samadhi Zendejas looks without makeup , but in May 2023, she was approached by the journalist Nelssie Carrillo at the Los Angeles International Airport (USA), where she barely revealed that she was recording the series ” La Devil’s Woman “(2022) from ViX+ and would eat hamburgers by the way.


Samadhi Zendejas sobre su nuevo proyecto con William Levy


beautiful in nature

So between the talk, the actress from Oxchuc, Chiapas , Mexico, looked very close to the camera, letting herself be seen with her face washed, looking spectacularly pretty, but yes, showing off her great body with a pair of light blue leggings and a sweatshirt in black; even, she was still wearing a mask.

In the interview, the actress of Televisa ‘s ” Atrévete a Soñar ” (2009) also indicated that she would later return to record a project that almost a year ago, she still could not tell what it was about. However, the famous actress always wore a big smile and showed her good humor in front of the camera.


Samadhi Zendejas se empodera en la televisión | El Informador


Not for nothing, the influencer has also earned comments from the public that show the admiration they have for her: “Very educated, simple and nice girl”, “The most beautiful and charming woman”, “What a beauty of a woman and the humility that has makes her more beautiful; she is the woman of my dreams” or “Beautiful”.

And despite her unique beauty, the protagonist of Telemundo ‘s ” Mariposa de Barrio ” (2017) , has also earned the comments of haters, as they can’t stand Samadhi Zendejas showing off a spectacular body: “The butt will be natural or the surgeon , did he go too far in placing silicone?

Consigue un cuerpo espectacular con los ejercicios que hace Samadhi  Zendejas | Todo para Ellas


Or “Difficult to secure so much plastic, the girl in blue who walked by in the background has a better butt and natural, which is the most important thing”, “She’s beautiful I know, a woman must be self-confident but why not be a little modest They tell him: ‘You have a great body and he says yes’. Why doesn’t he say: ‘Oh, thank you!’ or something like that”.


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