Aleida Núñez rubs her curves in a small yellow dress and compliments rain down on her

Aleida Nunez
Aleida Nunez

The singer Aleida Núñez wears a yellow mini dress where she rubs all her curves and the reactions in the networks do not wait 

The actress Aleida Núñez is one of the most sought after celebrities on digital platforms and her more than four million followers on Instagram witness how she scrubs her curves in any garment and is capable of raising the thermometer to very high levels.


Aleida Nunez


It was through her official camera account that the Mexican soap opera actress  like “Tomorrow is forever” and “Corazón guerrero” shared an image in which she wears a small yellow dress , where everyone fell in love.

As soon as Aleida Núñez posted the image, the reactions did not wait on the part of her faithful admirers who are surrendered at her feet for all her beauty and the compliments that flooded the Instagram publication rain down on her .


Aleida Nunez


A color that will be a trend

Among the texts ‘How sexy you look in yellow’, ‘Canario fascinates me and I see you every day and I love you even more’, ‘You are a true queen’, ‘I love your hair, the hairstyle’, ‘The one who dresses in yellow in your beauty’, ‘ I love you so much princess’.

The beauty of the star of the screen captivated from ” The House of Famous 3 ” where she was the fifth eliminated and Pepe Gámez was very disappointed by the elimination of the star with whom he began a relationship within the reality show.

Aleida Nunez.

The singer and actress is one of the darlings of the public because her exuberant charms leave everyone drooling when using the striking color, a spring trend that will be seen in style in almost all garments, since it is a dynamic tone . 

At 42 years of age, she has become a benchmark in fashion for women who take advantage of their looks that cause a sensation on social networks, mainly on the Instagram platform, where compliments are already customary by fans.

The former beauty queen dazzled since 1994, with an impressive beauty to later join the ranks of Televisa , but not before studying at the CEA in her acting training, showing off her histrionic skills and her powerful body . 

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