Issa Vegas becomes ecstatic and does a small dance in response to the news

Issa Vegas
Issa Vegas

Following six years of three-hour-a-day training, model Issa Vegas made a dramatic physical change, acquiring 20 kilogrammes of muscular mass alone, and her appearance is radically different from what she had at the beginning of her twenties, which she documented on social media.

The influencer is currently one of the most followed fitness bloggers, with over nine million followers on the Instagram platform, because she frequently provides material that revolves around food tips, training routines, and data that helps her based on his experience in the industry.

“Me when they tell me that my protein is ready”

This implies that Issa Vegas has a lot of knowledge to share with her fans, so she initially stated in an Instagram story that she was working on her own product, a protein that would benefit them a lot and would be warmly accepted by her bodies.

Argentina now has great news for its fans, because in a clip found on the official account of the Tik Tok platform, which has over 6 million followers, it left them with the following context of the video:

CLICKING HERE you can see the clip.

With a wide smile on her face and the renowned song by Kenya Os that has conquered Tik Tok ” Bad Choices ” playing in the background, the 27-year-old model begins to bounce her hips from side to side, showing enthusiasm at this excellent news.

Although the content creator did not elaborate on the protein’s next steps, fans are highly enthusiastic to be able to taste their product, learn where it can be purchased, how much it costs, and if they will have shipping everywhere.

Issa Vegas reveals her beautiful figure in a bathing suit. Twitter

Some experts are even eager to put them to the test, as happened with the actress Bárbara de Regil, when doctors analysed her protein and that is when the controversy against her erupted, and this case resonated in the Argentine’s comments, for which she asked not to make comparisons and that he would gladly agree to an analysis.

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Issa Vegas reveals her beautiful figure in a bathing suit. Twitter

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