Salma Hayek as a fierce lioness: she will disarm you with just one look

The remembered actress Jennifer Aniston, who gave life to “Rachel Green” in “Friends”, shared the health problems that have affected her quality of lifeThe imposing beauty of Salma Hayek like a lioness on the prowl needs only one look to disarm even the bravest

Salma Hayek as a fierce lioness she will disarm you with just one look
Salma Hayek falls asleep in her dazzling swimsuit after promoting movies

Charming, attractive, and fierce is how many would describe the beautiful Mexican actress Salma Hayek who has conquered hearts without mercy for decades. Proving that our country has beautiful women, she has become a global style icon.

With her beautiful dark complexion, great hair, and a lot of audacity, the jarocha pampers the eyes of her admirers who follow her on social networks with photographs where she highlights that she is not only a pretty woman but also an intelligent, successful, and charismatic person. With this explosive combination, she makes the whole world her own.

This time it is a photograph where we appreciate in great detail her beautiful features, enjoying each and every one of the pieces that make up her face. Like a flesh and blood doll, she gave the lens a deep look. The image is a photo taken some years ago, however, we can still enjoy admiring her as the beautiful human being that she is.

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He is seen freely wearing his renowned dark hair full of curls that with a lot of volumes surrounds his face. Another outstanding detail is her huge brown eyes, like a pair of hazelnuts, crowned by long eyelashes curved upwards, in them we can see the flame of a fierce, daring, unstoppable spirit. Once you look at them you will not be able to stop doing it, because despite being just a photo, they are magnetic.


It doesn’t take more than two seconds to feel the skin tingle with the harmonic aesthetics of your face. Her nose is like a beautiful mountain that sprouts gracefully between her two soft cheeks, upturned there to enhance the rest of the components.

Without being left behind, Salma Hayek‘s fluffy lips were rightly highlighted with a burnt red color that adds flavor to each of her exquisite smiles, full of mischief.

Despite the fact that the photo does not allow us to see beyond, we know that without too much effort the Veracruz woman can look good. The wardrobe chosen on this occasion was around neck unadorned black blouse, the highlight of her garments being the oversized gold earrings that dangle from her earlobes.

The publication was very well received by his fans, who soon shared the photo through a page dedicated to collecting the best moments of Salma Hayek. The post was filled with comments showing her admiration for the actress, among the many ways she was called, the constant was comparisons with her role as Frida Khalo.

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