Rihanna receives congratulations from her ex Chris Brown; they clarify that the baby in the photo is not their son

The singer debuted as a mom a few days ago with her partner, rapper ASAP Rocky


Rihanna debuted as a mom a few days ago, but just TMZ released the news; On Instagram, she received hundreds of congratulations from fans and her ex-boyfriend, rapper Chris Brown, who brutally beat her up in the run-up to the Grammys in 2009.

The congratulations of the controversial rapper, in which he only says “congratulations”, is accompanied by an emoticon of a pregnant woman and a heart, was criticized by many netizens, who do not forget the beating that the singer suffered when she was his girlfriend.

After the ex-partner ended in 2009 due to the beating that Brown gave Rihanna, the singer forgave him and in 2012 they were surprised by resuming their relationship; a few months later they ended definitively.

In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2015, the interpreter of “Diamonds” confessed that at that moment she decided to return with him because she believed that she could make him change.

Rihanna receives congratulations from her ex Chris Brown; they clarify that the baby in the photo is not their son

“I was super protective of him. I felt like people didn’t understand him, even after… (the beating) But then you realize that in that situation, you’re the enemy. You want the best for everyone, but if you remember their failures or the bad moments of their lives or if you tell them that you are only pleasing them, they think the worst of you. Because they know that you do not deserve what they are going to give you in return, “he explained.

“And if you side with her, maybe you agree that you deserve that, and that’s when I was like, ‘Oh! I was stupid to think I was made for this.’ Sometimes you just have to step aside.”, he continued. “I don’t hate him. I’ll worry about him until the day I die. We’re not friends, but we’re not enemies either. We don’t have much of a relationship right now,” he added.

In January of this year, a woman sued rapper Chris Brown, accusing him of drugging and raping her in Miami.  The woman, who according to the lawsuit is an artist, choreographer, and professional dancer based in Los Angeles, claims that Brown drugged her with a drink during a meeting on a yacht at the home of fellow musician Diddy, in December 2020, and later he raped her

The American artist, who was discovered as a teenager, is known as much for his music as for his legal problems. He was denounced in 2019 by another woman who also accused him of having raped her. In 2009, he was found guilty of beating singer Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time, and was sentenced to five years’ probation. In 2014 he pleaded guilty to assaulting a fan in Washington and 2016 he was charged with assaulting a woman in Las Vegas and another in Los Angeles.

A fake photo of Rihanna’s baby circulates

After making it known that Rihanna’s baby was already born and that it is a boy, a photo circulates on Instagram in which the singer appears carrying a baby that was said to be her son. However, a fan site of the interpreter clarified that it is not about the song that the singer had with the rapper ASAP Rocky.

Rihanna receives congratulations from her ex Chris Brown; they clarify that the baby in the photo is not their son

The singer of hits like “Diamonds” and “Umbrella” gave birth on May 13 in Los Angeles, according to TMZ. Rihanna, 34, and ASAP Rocky, 33, announced they were expecting a child in January with a series of snowy photos taken on the streets of Harlem in which the star sported a long pink coat partially unbuttoned that left showing off her prominent bare belly despite the frigid New York temperatures.

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